‘1923’ Star Gives Hope One of Season 2’s Saddest Moments Isn’t Permanent

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Taylor Sheridan 1923 has closed the curtain on its thrilling first chapter, and while it was thrilling and full of adventure, these pages of the Dutton story know heartache and pain like no other branch of the family tree.

When we first met Cara and Jacob Dutton, it was clear that they had lived a life full of love, but there was a deep ache in their hearts and they were all too familiar with the struggle and fallout of picturesque dreams and happiness. Fans saw Dutton and his colleagues experience fleeting moments of joy in the first season of 1923But we also saw a lot of pain – especially in the season finale.

One of the most emotionally charged moments was when Spencer and Alex Dutton were forced to separate, with oceans separating them and no promise of ever finding each other again. Brandon Schellner and Julia Schlaeffer, who play Spencer and Alex, brought the feeling of devastating loneliness to life with such grace that we all cried.

Although there’s no guarantee that Spencer will return to Alex, after all of the Dutton family’s struggles and heartbreaking experiences 1923, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Taylor Sheridan gives us all pause and reunites our lovely couple. Schellner is holding onto that same hope, which he shared in a recent conversation with Entertainment Tonight. Schellner wants to reunite with Alex and the Dutton family by merging the two worlds at the ranch – no matter what.

“I wish I did. I have no idea, to be honest. I hope it’s powerful and he comes with a fire and fight and vengeance and as an actor, I hope I get to capture that feeling.” will pay off. We’ve echoed it and touched on it throughout the season, and if they’ve built Spencer into someone who should be feared and highly capable of vengeance and that level of protection. I’m just hoping I’m sure we’ll see him do it because it’s the longest rollercoaster incline.

When we first met Spencer, he was a broken man, a shell of a man trying to escape himself. Upon meeting Alex, that began to change, bringing some life within itself, and it’s a beautiful sign of what true love can do when it welcomes us. Schlener continues to speak about Spencer’s return to the Dutton family farm and how the entire set of circumstances designed to lead her there has been unforgiving and tumultuous.

“It’s Homer Odyssey, He really This is wild to me. I’ve already shot the thing and I’m still looking back at it going, ‘Man, this is such an epic trip.’ He really I just can’t wait to see where this is going and the artists call each other out and speculate and everyone has ideas and theories.

We can’t wait to find out which theories and ideas may come true in the next installment 1923, Hopefully, they will hold more moments of joy and peace. If you haven’t seen part one of this story, you can stream it now 1923 in full on Paramount Plus – and you won’t want to miss a second of it.

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