‘1923’ Star Julia Schlaeffer on the Titanic-Esque Romance Between Alex and Spencer, and Her Hopes for Their Future

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from the season finale of 1923,

Taylor Sheridan 1923 We’ve got a look at one of the earliest branches of the Dutton family tree and, with it, a look back at one of the most iconic romances in entertainment – one that’s booming on fans who’ve already watched the love stories unfold. have raised the bar for inside YellowPoem.

When Spencer Dutton first meets Alex in Africa, she assumes he’s crossing paths with another woman who may be attracted to his nerdy charm and badassness. Maybe he’ll spend some time with her, not exactly an evening, but a few hours, giving a part of himself until she moves on. What happened instead was a chance encounter that would bring him face to face with something he had long avoided: the idea of ​​true love. During their initial conversation, Alex also felt it for the first time, and she was willing to risk everything for it – including her soon-to-be wedding, which should have been hers.

In those tense moments with Spencer, she realized that living safely doesn’t mean living well, and she gave up everything for a chance at a life of love. While pursuing her next job, Alex drops everything and opens her heart to the man she will eventually marry. Falling in love with Spencer has been a roller-coaster ride so far, and it’s reminiscent of another great love story – Titanic,

When asked if the similarities between Jack and Rose end there, Schleifer explained hollywood reporter that they certainly were not.

“Oh, definitely not. From the beginning we were like, ‘This is the major Titanic vibes,’ and you get a little bit of it from the characters. And yes, we must have been singing a lot Titanic, and I’m sure there’s a lot of BTS footage of us singing. We’ll literally be performing for the crew. We’d be standing on the deck of the ship, and they’d all be doing their jobs, just setting up cameras and things like that. And while we waited for the movie, we would literally dance and sing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ together. ,laughs.) I don’t know that he appreciated it much, but that footage is out there somewhere.

We’re not sure what you plan to do with that information, but we’re clearing our schedules so we can ask anyone anywhere how to get at that footage and make sure we all eventually Will be able to see it. Can you imagine Schellner and Schlaepfer singing one of the most romantic songs ever? Still be our beating heart!

Things haven’t been easy on Alex and Spencer, but they’ve been worth it, and it’s all part of the Dutton family’s complicated journey. They face the difficulties that come their way, with a grit and determination that few people can access, let alone possess. The season finale proves they’re capable of making choices together and on their own, and they’ll need that power more than ever.

As we watched Spencer being taken away from Oceans Alex 1923In the season finale episode, it’s clear that it’s going to take a lot of work for these two to be reunited. It hasn’t sunk in that it would probably be easy for the two of them to call their romance a fling and get over it, but Dutton doesn’t make it easy.

Of course, fans noticed that Alex was quite sea sick on the boat, something she hasn’t done before. With Spencer Dutton as charming as she is drop-dead gorgeous, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that she could be sick for some other reason. Schlaepfer says it’s something she believes herself to be, but she’s just as in the dark as we are.

“To be honest, I haven’t been told a single thing, but I have my own theories, but there were definitely moments when I was filming those scenes where I was choosing to believe that maybe it was Was more than motion sickness. But there is no confirmation from Taylor [Sheridan, creator] Of course, so it could just be those waves.

Sheridan keeps her cards close to her chest, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Schlaifer is unsure what the future may hold for her, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they get back together quickly. watch the first season of 1923 In full now on Paramount Plus.

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