3 applications that allow you to watch TV for free from your cell phone

Do you know that you can watch your favorite television channels from your cell phone completely free of charge and, moreover, enjoy them even more by connecting this device to your television? While it may not sound credible to many as you read this, since the most common way to obtain this service is to pay the company, the reality is that it is possible safely and legally.

This can be done through different applications, here we will share three of the best applications, which are different for the content available in each of them, as well as not to abuse ads or limit themselves in certain content, so that So that you can enjoy them to the fullest, let’s check out all the details below.

3 apps that allow you to watch television for free from your cell phone

rtve play

It is one of the most recognized applications to be able to watch television and radio content via cell phone for free (as long as you are connected to the internet) without any ads and without having to register for it.

Through RTVE Play you will have exclusive programs at your disposal, all RTVE content live and on demand. So, you will be able to access various shows, series, documentaries and movies from your mobile device just by downloading the application.

pluto tv

Pluto TV not only provides a free television service, but also offers free streaming, so you can watch hundreds of Live TV channels for the whole family, thousands of movies (both blockbusters and classics) as well as the series you’ve always wanted to watch. Liked it. want to see

Like RTVE Play, in addition to its content, the best thing is that you do not even need to have an account to enjoy this application, just by downloading it on your cell phone you will be able to enjoy all of it. Content the time you want.

tv mexico live

It is one of the only applications that allows you to watch Mexican television service for free and without limitation. You can get access to the most popular live channels, such as ADN 40, Canal 5, Foro TV, and many more.

As mentioned above, this content is free and, with Spanish TV applications, it is not even necessary to register on the platform to enjoy your favorite programs, just download it on your mobile.

Unlike the other two applications (RTVE Play and Pluto TV), TV México en vivo focuses only on live Mexican television channels, so it does not offer movies or series. Therefore, to make the most of these services, you can have on your cell phone one of the two platforms mentioned in the previous paragraphs, to enjoy movies and series, and, in addition, live TV Mexico news and others of our country to watch the programme.

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