3 Brazilian bikinis with which Karol G established herself as a Latin goddess

Easter holidaysTherefore, many people will take the opportunity to take a beach holiday, so if you have these plans as well, it is important that you keep in mind whether season trends When choosing your beachwear, which can include anything from ripped shorts, sarongs and low-cut blouses perfect bathing suit, So to make you look like a goddess during your next trip to the seas, we bring you a collection The best bikini with which Karol ji slayed in social networks.

“small” She constantly shares photos with her fans, showing her closeness to some of the artists of that era such as Shakira, she also posts pictures in which she can be seen enjoying life on the sand or by the sea. from which it has earned its position as bikini reference in trend,

Therefore, the Colombian has become a beach queen looksthe same that you can create based on your own taste and personal style, of course, taking into account some of the Trends that will come into force during spring 2023for example brazilian bikini,

If you are a fan of pastel colors, then this bikini option is for you. IG: @karolg

This type of bikini is distinguished by the fact that the bra is quite open, a detail thanks to a small ribbon connecting the two cups, usually presented in the form of a triangle, something that Makes your natural curves very organic and sensuous. , as shown Carroll G. in these images.

Another feature of brazilian bikini The fact that the panties have a cut designed to show off your hips and buttocks, in such a way that the fabric is narrower at the back and sides, creates a very flattering “V” effect that helps you show off your stomach. will help as you did “small”,

Prints will be trending this Spring 2023 IG: @karolg

And the best part is that this type of bikini has quickly established itself as an audience favorite. Interpreter of “MAMII” They come in a variety of presentations, from the riskiest styles to the least revealing, so you can find brazilian bikini With thong or panties.

Not to mention that nowadays it is likely that you will find them in a variety of colors, going from classic bright colors to more serious colors like black. And although metallic swimsuits have not been kept this season, you can also dare to take advantage of this type of bikini. However, for spring 2023 We recommend that you choose solid colors, especially those that will be in vogue this season, or failing that, with some trendy prints, such as animal prints or miniature fruits.

Do you like red bikini? Well, it’s time to show them. IG: @karolg

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