3 things to know before watching ‘The Box Challenge’

One of the most important productions of Caracol Television is ‘The Box Challenge’, where several participants, chosen throughout Colombia, are rigorously tested to test their mental and physical abilities in the middle of the jungle, away from their families. Now that production is about to begin, here are three things to know before you get started.


The spark is on account of the presenters, who have the task of uniting all the participants and making the audience fall in love at home. although many wanted Daniela Alvarez If she presents it again as it is a display of both physical and mental strength, Barranquillara will not.

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who can’t miss a single edit andrea serna, who have become the soul of the program. She has been so successful that she has even been nominated for the Best Presenter for the India Catalina Awards.

who will be by your side Gabriella Tafur. The former beauty queen will once again be in charge of interviewing the participants and, despite the fact that many Colombians do not think she does a good job, it seems that the numbers say otherwise.

First trans participant:

Undoubtedly, one of the most attention-grabbing things is that the program is happening with people belonging to the community. This is Daniela Taborda, a partner communicator who works with the Bogota Mayor’s Office, as well as a model and devoted to sports.

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A representative from TransMilenio will be,

It is Federico Orzuela, who will use the nickname “Felino” in the competition, he is a Transmilenio driver, who declares on the network of the program without specifying to which region he belongs.

As of now, he is one of the oldest contestants of this edition and moreover, one of the most admired for his physique and roots, as he is not the typical professional athlete to feature in the competition.

This would be recorded in the Cundinamarca:

As a plus, it is worth noting the fact that it is recorded in a place not far from the city. In fact, in recent occasions it has been recorded at Tobias, built into a kind of citadel.

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