5 benefits of being intimate with your partner every day

confidentiality there are many benefits For Health And usually for the couple because it strengthens the relationship but doing it every day can be very beneficial and we will tell you below.

Various studies indicate be intimate Together couple This is one of the best ways to develop more trust and influence in a relationship; Since orgasmThe body releases a series of hormones such as endorphins, which help in uplifting the mood and reduce various pains present in the body.

5 benefits of being intimate with your partner every day

Being intimate with your partner shouldn’t be an obligation or something that should happen every day, as the activities the two of you do throughout the day can prevent this from happening, however, below, we leave you Benefits of being intimate with your partner on a daily basis:

1. Extends life

A study conducted by the University of Sydney in Australia indicates People having at least three forcibly A week is less likely to get a life-threatening disease than those who orgasm only once a month.

2. It Makes You Look Younger

Andi get intimate with partner makes them secret estrogenA hormone that makes the skin soft and smooth and has positive effects for men and women.

In one study it was found women they were confidentiality with him couple They had double the estrogen every week they didn’t, now imagine the effect of doing it every day.

Being intimate with your partner helps you look younger (Photo: Canva)

3. Lowers blood pressure

Research conducted by Brigham Young University indicated that men and women who were regularly intimate had fewer problems with high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can lead to disability, poor quality of life, and even heart attack, which can often be prevented by being intimate with your partner.

4. Reduces the risk of depression

confidentiality increases the level of serotoninHappiness hormone which is a kind of natural antidepressant that the body secretes and makes people feel good.

Intimacy with a partner reduces depression. (Photo: Canva)

5. Raise Your Defense

Near confidentiality with you at least twice a week couple increases up to 30%S immunoglobulin levels A, which protects against infectious diseases such as cold or flu. Having high defenses helps in enjoying a good powerful immune system.

(With information: Men’s Health)

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