5 Traits Of A Man Who Doesn’t Know What He Wants But Doesn’t Let You

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When we are in a relationship, many times we take things for granted and do not talk about the expectations of the partner, which can motivate us to stay with a partner. Man He he doesn’t know what he wants with and features that confuses us

when one man doesn’t know what he wants He is hardly going to give any name to their relationship and prefers to ramble on over the matter and offer any reason or excuse he can think of to avoid a compromising situation .

pay attention to features which usually presents a man who doesn’t know what he wantsMaybe it will help you get out of a relationship in which you are expecting more than what the other person is willing to give.

How is a man who doesn’t know what he wants?

you give more than you receive

If there’s no reciprocity in the relationship, it’s likely going nowhere, pay attention and if he only talks to you when you look for him and if he doesn’t show interest, that’s a red flag.

he is absent

When we have a healthy relationship we will always have the support of our partner, a haven where we feel safe and protected, but if we don’t then it’s time to thank them and move on.

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May the moments of happiness that you spend with it Man There are too many, the hours pass like water, but if at the end of the day you know it’s over and you wonder if it’s really what you’re looking for don’t be what you want for the rest of your life.


when one man doesn’t know what he wants There are constant attitudes, comments, or signs that make you doubt the seriousness of the relationship.

he doesn’t talk about a future together

A Speciality very clear that someone is just walking around and he doesn’t know what he wants It’s that he refuses to make plans for the future, beyond the next concert or festival, life’s important plans are not even touched upon as a joke.

What if a man doesn’t know what he wants?

when we deal with someone man who doesn’t know what he wants We may fall into a game of come and go, because he doesn’t really want to establish himself as a couple, but he also doesn’t want to be alone, we may even suspect he’s not getting enough.

However, we should never forget our worth and we have the right to ask for commitment in a relationship, but if they are not ready to give it, we may as well turn around and try to get what we really want in our life. Can walk

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