A hugely expensive streaming series hit by production woes gets a second season ahead of its first premiere

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On paper, you’d imagine a high-profile streaming series that suffered from some heavily-publicized behind-the-scenes issues that saw budgets skyrocket to eye-watering levels was, at least in part, the quality of its first season. And will be judged on the number of viewers. handed a renewal, but Prime Video plans to citadel Just get grander and grander.

Not only is the globetrotting espionage epic guaranteed extra episodes a month ahead of premiere, but there are localized offshoots in India and Italy already in production, as the streaming service invests mind-boggling sums to expand, which has to be acknowledged. has the capability. Be an all-winner on-demand universe.

via prime video

However, The Hollywood Reporter also noted that citadel With an estimated figure of around $250 million it ranks as the second most expensive TV show of all time, placing it behind only the platform’s fantasy juggernaut. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, It’s ambitious to the point of borderline silly, especially when the development was anything but plain sailing.

After losing half of its core creative team due to ongoing differences over the direction of the project, showrunner Josh Appelbaum and director Brian Kirk abandoned ship, along with overseers Joe and Anthony Russo. Hunter Creator David Weil stepped in, reworked the concept to make it more grounded, and led a reshoot that ran up the $75 million tab.

For a TV series to funnel the costs of a decent-sized blockbuster into a reshoot is theoretically risky, but we’ll just have to wait and see if the reward is worth the big risk citadel Lands on 28 April.

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