A purported photo of Clara Chia before dating Piqué filtered

Since the relationship between Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué was made public, the former has become one of the best-known faces on the peninsula., However, from the very beginning, Clara herself characterized her position very strictly: she wanted to continue to enjoy her privacy as much as possible. However, several fan clubs of both the footballer and the girl, and the couple themselves, are following their antics.

Even a purported photo of the young woman in her early 20s has been ‘leaked’. The photo has been shared by @ClaGerFans, a fan account dedicated to the couple, As he commented, the snapshot he shared would be of the year 2020. Specifically, in May. Thus, it will be part of the time of the pandemic.

This would be the alleged photo of Clara Chia

“Smile and look of a super cute and studious girl! Clara Chia in a virtual classroom, in the midst of a global pandemic, May 2020″, they write. Now, there is no official information confirming its veracity, since Clara herself closed her social network a long time ago. What’s more, as it seems, it will come from a virtual classroom that he may have attended during the pandemic.

What’s more, this whole situation is more complicated if one takes into account that some time ago Clara herself decided to close all her social networks, as she wanted to preserve her privacy as much as possible. . This much Most of the photos posted by these fan accounts come from Piqué’s accountAreas where he has at least made a public appearance, etc.

This is why photographs of Clara, especially those that are so old, are so rare. In any case, one way or another, it looks like fans find ways to find as many of them as possible.

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