A teen comedy icon asks James Gunn to land him the title role of DC’s ‘Booster Gold’ series

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James Gunn has a tendency to cast his friends and family in his projects, but maybe it’s time to cast his net a little wider for the title role. booster gold, especially since a American Pie Alumni recently threw their hats into the ring.

The director and comic nerd has been largely silent about his upcoming DCU projects lately. Maybe because he’s still bathed in love and positivity Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. The threequel showcased some of Gunn’s best directorial qualities and won over many who were on the fence about him. Now that minds are turning to the future of the DCU, Sean William Scott has expressed his interest in playing Michael Carter AKA booster gold,

That’s right, Stifler may finally be the star of a comic book adaptation. Scott is one of the only stars in Hollywood to have yet entered the comic world, but it’s clearly on his mind as he spoke with ComicBook.com and expressed his interest.

“I definitely would. I’d love to. I think it would be fun to do a comic book movie.” […] I think the first character that came to mind was Booster Gold.”

Sean William Scott – ComicBook.com

There’s some fierce competition for the role

Scott seems to have a genuine interest in the character, so he’s probably been a fan for a while. Unfortunately for him, rumors are circulating that Gunn intends to offer the role to longtime collaborator Chris Pratt. Although nothing has been confirmed regarding the rumors, we do know that Gunn intends to bring Pratt into the DCU in some way and booster gold Seems like a character he would play well. While many fans have expressed dismay at the idea, Pratt himself has already said that he would take the role if Gunn felt he was right for it.

Of course, nothing is set in stone, and a lot could still be open for Scott to take the role and make it his own. Seeing Stifler from American Pie as a time-traveling superhero is all the DCU would need to be better than Marvel. The actor talked more about the possibility of playing the character.

“But I think I’m too old for that… I don’t know if he should be younger. I can’t remember his age, but… ‘He’s a great character.’

For context, Sean William Scott is 46 and Chris Pratt is 43. There really isn’t much of an age difference. If Pratt has a shot at the role so does Scott. Without throwing shade at Chris, it would be great to see a new face in the DCU, which is what we’ve been seeing in the MCU for years, plus fans could be uproar if Gunn casts him again.

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