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Where do you come from? ‘Aai Kuthe Ke Karte’ (O Kuthe Ke Karte) This series is currently in discussion. Arundhati is trapped in marriage for the second time in the series. Arundhati’s second marriage is thrown into a frenzy by her children and in-laws. In this episode, Arundhati’s marriage ceremony is completed by crossing all the obstacles. In the upcoming episode of the serial, Arundhati will be seen bidding farewell.

In the recently released promo of ‘Ae Khe Kya Karte’, Deshmukh’s family is seen getting emotional after seeing off Arundhati. Isha, Yash and Abhishek are in tears as they say goodbye to their mother. Appa is happy as Arundhati’s life is taking a new turn. On the other hand, since Arundhati is no longer at home, they are very sad.

During parting Appa is telling Arundhati and Ashutosh, “Even though we are sending Lekki away today, the doors of this house will always be open for her and you. Take care of her”. On the other hand, Kanchan is saying, “Arundhati may be passing through this house today, but no one else can take her place in this house.”

Arundhati’s bridal look attracted attention

Arundhati’s bridal look has become a favorite of the audience. Arundhati’s bridal look is saffron paithani, munda matha, green bangles and half moon. Fans have commented on this video that the wife is very lovely, very beautiful, now the wedding is awaited.

It would not be wrong to say that a new chapter is beginning in Arundhati’s life. Arundhati definitely has mixed feelings. Even when he was sent away from home his eyes were watered by the one who gave him so much love. To see this new journey of Arundhati, viewers will have to watch the serial ‘Ae Khe Kya Karte’ from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm.

Actor Milind Gawli is playing the role of Anirudh Deshmukh in the serial ‘Ae Khe Kya Karte’. Rupali Bhosle is playing the role of Sanjana.

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