Actress Christina Lilly beat breast cancer, rang the victory bell like this

actress christina lilly
The victory bell rang after battling aggressive breast cancer. With this news, a difficult cycle in his life came to an end and he took a big step towards starting a new phase full of positivity.

He has been diagnosed with cancer three times: the first was from the cervix and the other two from the breast, The latter was discovered in September 2022.

Her fight has got her reflected on social networks. There he has shown his testimony, which has gone through the hopes, difficulties, fear and pain caused by the eight chemotherapies he has undergone.

,They don’t know how much strength reading them really gives me. Feel everyone’s gratitude, affection and affection. Thank you and thank you for supporting me so beautifully during this process”, insisted actress Christina Lilly.

This process will continue with necessary caution and a happy outlook in the face of adversity, because there is always a better tomorrow.

Diego Gauk’s Process

Seventh Day Journalist Diego Gauque
shared encouraging news about the treatment for abdominal sarcomaWhich was found in January 2023.

Through a video posted on his Instagram account, the communicator addressed his followers between smiles and reported the results of his most recent examinations: resonance and CT scan of the abdomen.

“Imagine that I already have the results of an abdominal resonance. we are very happy because the echo turned out to be very favorablediagnosed with sarcoma 28% decreasein other words, he Chemotherapy has worked”He mentioned.

Diego Guac stresses that what happened in his case is important because this treatment, on some occasions, does not produce favorable results.

“The surgeon and oncologist told me that the sarcoma grows or stays thereBut in my case it was something very good because thanks to God and Virgencita, it was reduced by about 30%”, said the communicator.

The good news did not end there, as Diego Gauch explained that he did not present metastases, since the examination that was carried out showed that he had no new lesions.

Finally, the journalist explained that she would soon have to undergo a new surgery at the end of May: “This is a difficult and risky surgery because the sarcoma is still attached to some organs and this has been a major problem, which is the major challenge of this surgery”,

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