Advanced pregnancy of James Rodriguez’s sister

Juana Valentina, The sister of legendary player James Rodriguez celebrated her birthday in style with her family and close friends. And this time he did it in a familiar place, and not at home as usual.

The influencer published on his Instagram account part of the celebration, in which Colombia was present with joy and dance, as well as great music and food. To this was added that she was surrounded by her family, where her mother and brothers became protagonists.

And it is that she was in the city of Bogotá where her brother also opened his restaurant, but at the same time she celebrated another year of life and showed a detail that more than one person has been waiting to see her pregnancy on their networks Were.

Juana Valentina shows off her advanced twin pregnancy

In the video and photos, she was seen wearing a blue toned long dress, with a jeans jacket, which did not show her pregnancy at that point in time, but in others it could be seen that she is well advanced in pregnancy and very At an early age. Little will be bringing two new members of his family into the world.

And it’s worth noting that the Influencer hadn’t shown much content of her or her process in the network since the announcement of her pregnancy and that’s why more than one person was impressed to see her, but she let all her followers know Excited for how much time is left to bring them into the world.

And it is that Juana Valentina is expecting twins, who will be the younger brothers of her first son Isaias, who was also seen in the photographs and was very happy to celebrate with his mother. and with that james rodriguez Who celebrated next to his sister and dedicated a tender message to her on his social networks.

James Rodriguez and his mother were excited on the birthday of Juana Valentina

“I love you, be very happy, Juana Valentina,” wrote James Rodriguez A photo of her with her sister and a cousin of the family. His mother, María del Pilar Rubio, also dedicated heartfelt words to him on her networks and let him watch videos of her birthday party, where she received a serenade, flowers, presents and a cake decorated with butterflies.

“Today is the birthday of one of the loves of my life. Best daughter, best aunt, but best mother. I am so proud of you, I love you with all my soul. I admire your dedication and your courage, I could not be more proud of you”, said her mother to Juana Valentina, who was overjoyed and went to be with her on this special day.

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