After ‘Quantumania’ Fails to Impress, Marvel Needs Its ‘Endor’

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marvel studios Currently in choppy waters. Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and now Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania Everyone is disappointed to some degree. There are many reasons for this drop in quality, ranging from the lingering effect of COVID on their production pipeline, to a global shortage of VFX artists and scripts that could have used a few more drafts to fix up.

We’re not writing an obituary of the MCU just yet, but it’s safe to say that post-endgame The quality has been far more variable than previously expected from studios. As such, many are looking forward to the upcoming slate of films with weary resignation rather than enthusiasm. quantum frenzy Author Jeff Loveness is also writing avengers: kong dynastySo can we expect more from this?

If Kevin Feige is looking for a way to take on the MCU, perhaps he should look to another Disney studio that dazzled critics and fans alike recently…

a galaxy far, far away

Stellan Skarsgard in Endor Episode 10
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star wars There’s no doubt it’s seen a few missteps: The prequel trilogy still doesn’t have a great reputation, and we’ve seen a few stumbles in the Disney era. The Rise of Skywalker, Solo, The Book of Boba FettAnd obi-wan kenobi,

but with last year internal management and Everyone stood up and took notice. wicked one The spinoff focused on a character whose ultimate fate we already knew, using it as a springboard for a mature story about opposing fascism, the misery of life under imperial rule, and building the future. happened, which you may not live to see. But, first and foremost, internal management and took star wars Seriously and fans responded in kind, with many saying it finally let them reconnect with the franchise.

So, can Marvel Studios follow suit? more of internal management andThe success was due to writer/director Tony Gilroy being given the time, resources, and freedom to tell the story he wanted.

Is It Possible For Marvel Studios To Make ‘Endor’?

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internal management andThe production of Marvel Studios is in contrast to how Marvel Studios works, with directors often arriving at projects to find that action sequences have already been seen without their input, script changes being made from above, and There are definitely strict limits. To make the show fit into the convoluted MCU continuity. On top of that, every MCU movie and TV show teases future projects, which means the story never really feels like it’s coming to an end.

Arguably Marvel Studios Has Already Come Closer To Pulling One Off internal management and, of 2022 Moon Knight While there were almost no crossovers with the wider MCU, showrunner and director Mohamed Diab was able to carve out a unique identity for the show that distinguished it from continuity-heavy efforts. falcon and winter soldier And Hawkeye,

said that, Moon Knight patch was not on internal management and, here may be the secret sauce internal management and was allowed to fully grapple with the political dimension of star wars In a way, MCU productions are not. For example, falcon and winter soldier Said a lot about the social implications of half the world disappearing and returning, though didn’t spend enough time on the subject to say anything interesting about it.

The ever-evolving nature of the MCU could also make a internal management and equally difficult. star wars‘ Galactic History is nicely chronicled, meaning the show can place itself in a specific time and place without the pressure of pushing the larger story forward. The MCU will struggle to do so, although there may be room for storytelling during the chaotic Snap-era hiatus in between infinity war And endgame,

So, let’s look at Marvel Studios, a show with a strong creative vision that’s less concerned with setting up the next the avengers movie or the spawning Disney Plus spinoff but this world actually has something interesting to say about it. Making it work would be a gamble, as giving a creative team a large budget, the freedom to tell the story they want, and the amount of time required to finish it properly runs counter to the way they usually work. Happens, but Marvel Studios needs a significant darling right now so we say roll the dice.

And, while they’re at it, ease up on the pinch.

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