After reading the post of Kushal Badrike, the fan said, ‘What have you written?’

Mumbai, March 19- Actor Kushal Badrike of Chala Hawa Yehu Dya fame remains very active on social media. Every social media post of Kushal grabs the attention of the fans. Apart from his amazing videos, he also shares some photos with his fans. Apart from this, his writing was also discussed on social media in the last few days. Now he has also posted a post with some pictures. His photo captions are discussed more than these pictures.

Kushal Badrike is seen chilling on the beach these days. While chilling, he has shared two photos on social media. Sharing this photo, Kushal said that every wave coming out of the sea is stopped by the returning wave. Then the sound of the sea is heard, the sound of the foam on the shore, endless… never ending… like this Sometimes the ocean of emotions remains in the mind throughout the night, on whose banks no one is walking from above-dry. Seeing this post of his, the fans have appreciated his photo caption a lot.

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A fan has said that the captions of Marathi artists are amazing. Rao, how do you recommend this to people? The other said, what a wonderful idea you have come up with.. Many such comments have come on this post of Kushal.

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