Aitana added fuel to the fire regarding her alleged collaboration with Quevedo: “What can I tell you?” , music

a month after the sound of to give in a song by quevedo During the live on Instagram, the pairing between the two national stars gives a lot to talk about. And finally we have firsthand reactions from the other cast members involved.

During the question and answer session of the Catalan soloist through his social networks, the interpreter’s followers demanded more information about that live show and his voice in the song. His answer is not lost: “What can I tell you?” a subtle way of adding more fuel to the fire than it can handle One of the great songs of the summer of 2023.

A collaboration that seems to be on the boil and is still able to give us goosebumps a month after it leaked. Because from November 2021, Aitana had already confessed that she wanted to collaborate with Quevedo, assuring that she had talked with him and that he would like to have a drink together to make this musical union a reality. Will do

“I’ve talked with Quevedo a few times. I’d love to have dinner or drinks with him for us to meet and see if a collaboration can come up because I’d love to collaborate with him, I think whatever he What he’s doing is incredible. I love what he’s achieving and how simple and pure it looks,” the Catalan explained in his day.

It is clear that these are two new reference figures in the music industry who manage to make all their songs a success. For this reason, uniting their voices in a song can only garner a good reception by music lovers.

We can only wait to find out when this long-awaited collaboration will debut, which will surely surprise both Canary’s followers and those of the Catalans with what is soon to come. Open a new music platform with the publication of Alpha.

Considering Aitana’s answers detailing her next album, there’s no doubt that Aitana and Quevedo are closer than we thought. The countdown has begun to a “pop with electronic references” album with a new single that will arrive earlier this summer and will mix upbeat songs (“Quite the truth”) with 3 ballads.

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