Aitana’s parents visit ‘La Voz Kids’ and see what happens with the trip

If anything is leaving out the La Voz Kids edition, it’s the images and moments between singers Sebastian Yatra and Aitana. They haven’t made their relationship official yet, but what is undeniable is the chemistry between them. And now, in addition, it has become possible to see how well Colombians treat their in-laws?

A new episode in this relationship occurred when during the blind auditions the two ‘coaches’ clashed over a talent: Lucia. Because of that, Yatra, trying to get the young woman on her team, told her “Look, Aitana’s parents are laughing because they want you to come with me, I see them supporting me Yes, they are Team Yatrix”. Then Aitana was insistent: “No, no, my parents want you to come with me because they are my parents, that is, please.” Trip: “Yeah, but because it’s his turn, but as an audience they’re saying, ‘Wow, I hope he goes with Trip’ and that’s fine, I understand them, if I had a daughter I would He would have done it just to look good.”

During this conversation, Aitana’s parents couldn’t hold back their laughter and Yatra took the initiative even more: “Help me, she has an advantage.” “Let’s talk to Uncle”, he has come to tell the singer’s father, while he sat next to her and hugged each other, revealing the apparent complicity between them.

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