AJA: Anime Industry Grew by 13.3% in 2021

AJA: Anime Industry Grew by 13.3% in 2021
AJA: Anime Industry Grew by 13.3% in 2021

Anime Industry Report 2022 findings (for the year 2021) were previewed on Tuesday by the Association of Japanese Animations (AJA). Later, on Friday, the association made the complete report public. According to the study, the overall anime market was worth 2.7422 trillion yen (about US$19.76 billion) in 2021, up 13.3% from the previous year (including goods, music, and other related industries). This amount exceeds the previous record high of 2.5145 trillion yen (about US$18.12 billion by present conversion) in 2019 by 9.1%, making it the highest since AJA started tracking the industry’s overall market value in 2002.

Both the Japanese and international anime markets expanded this year, although after briefly surpassing the Japanese market last year, the international market is once again below the Japanese market in terms of anime sales. In 2021, the overseas market had a value of 1.3134 trillion yen (about $9.46 billion USD), up 5.97% from 2020’s figure of 1.2394 trillion yen (almost $10.89 billion USD upon conversion), and making up 47.9% of the whole market. The Japanese market reached 1.4288 trillion yen (about US$10.29 billion) in 2021, up 21.03% from the 1.1805 trillion yen (roughly US$10.41 billion) in 2020. (Editor’s note: the 2021 report places the value of the 2020 Japanese market at 1.1805 trillion yen, but the AJA stated that figure last year.)

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The whole anime industry from 2002 to 2021 is depicted in the first graph below from the AJA. The home market (solid line) and the international market (dotted line) are depicted in the second graph below. It demonstrates that while the overseas industry first surpassed the local industry in 2020, the roles were again reversed in 2021.

Graph images © The Association of Japanese Animations (AJA)

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