Alejandro Riano interviews about comedy, his future and Juanpis Gonzalez

Alejandro Riano did the Spanish dubbing of Bruno Madrigal in the movie “Encanto”. / Ivan Munoz

“As a child I had the opportunity to sleep in the Palacio de Nariño, because I was a friend of the son of one of the presidents of this country,” says Alejandro Riano. “In those six or eight months that this friendship lasted, I saw everything with my own eyes. That’s how the world of politics goes, they meet each other and eventually they all become friends, and those of us here who are raising our voices are people, because we don’t understand what’s going on out there. Is. Says in the dressing room of, the place where he receives the personalities interviewed by Juanpis González, the character he created five years ago.

Riano has no difficulty idolizing Gonzalez. He gels his hair, wears a polo shirt, a polo jacket, sunglasses and exaggerates what he calls a “gomelo roll accent”. He is a character that he created all his life, he knew him before, he was a classmate from school. “He used to talk like this all the time: ‘Some little bar, little cheese, little ham, some little girls. I created a character within what I know, but I made him a bad person to show how some people from the upper echelons of society operate. It always spoke from the town, from the worst of people, from the poor, and the characters were made from there, but there was no one who spoke from the evil of a privileged place”.

The character became popular in 2018 following an interview with then-presidential candidate Evan Duke. From then on the snowball started. He created a YouTube channel which today has around 1.9 million subscribers; Juanpis Live Show, his talk show;, where Riaño Producciones operates; Jaypee Club, a restaurant and bar in the Santa Fe Shopping Center; “Juanpis Gonzalez”, the series produced by Netflix, and even JP Beer, the Juanpis beer brand.

“I owe so much to this character, practically my whole life has been in comedy. It has made me understand the importance of a powerful tool like comedy, but it brings with it a series of problems and inconveniences.

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A few months ago, some media outlets said after a series of broadcasts from his social networks that “Juanpais González” was coming to an end. This was not true.

“I simply commented that living in the comfort zone is not good, but I did not say that the character had an end date and time. We are missing the tour of Central America, South America, the United States, Europe and Australia. As That we are our own producers, it takes a while, if I say we’re going to end up with “Juanpais Gonzalez” as soon as the tour ends, it might be about a year and a half or two years later, but The idea is to get rid of a lot of character material.

The end of “Juanpis Gonzalez”, sooner or later, does not respond to a single reason. “It’s a personal need, as has been everything in my life. I believe that all things complete a cycle and if you don’t change constantly you lose your flavor. Last year for a few months The comedian who took a break says there are disappointments along the way and family moments that force you to rethink many things, for example, always working for the public and not for yourself. was focused not on making other people laugh, but on getting through a divorce with his ex-wife and making sure his kids feel the change as smoothly as possible.

“We have come from a very strong social outcry and whether people believe it or not, it is mentally complex in anybody’s life, because there is a lot of pressure felt constantly. People are saying all the time, ‘Yeh Sarkar Baat Nahi Karti, kya hua, ab chup hai…’. Sometimes it is not understood that even being in public life, he has the right to rest. We are the first to take material about what is happening in the country today. had just gone out a little, but it was necessary to stay and stay with me.

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The character’s gradual detachment coincided with the birth of a new confusion: directing and writing. “I studied theater at the National Theater House. I trained as an actor and theater is my life, but acting doesn’t give me the passion I thought I would. It feels better to be behind. I’m about to start writing a film, my first film, that has nothing to do with comedy, and it’s something that inspires me more and excites me again.

Why not let Juanpis go? I ask him. “Juanpis supports all of this,” he says, pointing to where the stage is located. “I couldn’t release it accurately so as not to delete all. It’s painful, one can’t rest, but I really have to continue yes or yes so that the project continues to work, that’s another thing People don’t even understand.

In addition to what you point out, is there another fear when separating Juanpis, for example, they always associate Alejandro Riano with Juanpis Gonzalez?

“No, I’ve never really been afraid of being typecast, because that character would be a bit much. Juanpis works for the opinion of others, for the last name, for what they will say. So no, I really understood that from a very young age one starts living one’s own life, not others’. If I really want to follow the character or leave, it’s my life and I decide what to do.

We talked about Andres Parra, who went to the same school as Riano and who he thinks is Colombia’s best actor. After portraying Pablo Escobar, Parra had many challenges to disassociate himself from the character, literally taking off his clothes. “I completely understand what happened to her. When I started studying theater I also learned somewhere to let go. Parra dedicates himself 100% to her, that’s her life. Get to know the character The process of giving has cost me little, but the humor is here all the time, it is never left”.

Perhaps this is an unfair comparison, since Alejandro Riano’s life did not keep the distance that Parra kept with his character. “I have been a really privileged person ever since I was born, I have never lacked for anything. I have had almost equal privileges of character, but in this transmigration of life I have to Realized the places I lived in, the people’s comments about the places I belonged to. I was always in contact with people who worked in the places I lived in, so I’ve never focused on myself more than anyone else. I didn’t believe it, but I could have been like Juanpis. I don’t understand why I am like that, only that many factors have led me to condemn everything that happens in that world.

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