Alfonso Mungia, the lead actor who worked with El Santo, passed away

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National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) announced the demise of the actor. alphonso munguiA, actors who worked with El Santo.

Through its Twitter account, the association confirmed the death of the actor, who had an extensive film career, mainly in comedies and action films.

“May he rest in peace”, “What a pity, a great loss”, “My deepest condolences to the ANDI team”, were some of the comments expressed by his fans on the network.

The last film in which he appeared was ‘Las Muñecas de la Droga’ in 2022. He also starred in “La Muerte de Gallo de Oro”, “Las Amantes del Narco III”, “Amor Maldito”, “Pacto con el Diablo”. , “Cholos vs. Judicial”, “They Made Me a Murderer”, “El Recomendado”, among other tapes.

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