Alfredo Adame assures that he is ready to enter the “boat”

alfredo adem He cannot rest in peace, because he is still facing lawsuits with various personalities from the world of entertainment, as he revealed, this Friday, he will have a meeting in one of the courts of Mexico City and they will give him Can also be closed. today by order of the judge

“Today I am going to have a meeting with the court around the bunker from last time, regarding this matter Gustavo Adolfo InfanteMaybe today they will leave me on the boat for 12 or 36 hours and that’s where the fight ends.”

“I’m going to get my nice little jacket, my yummy pajamas, my warm socks and all that stuff, I’ve got to be ready to go to my confinement for 36 or 24 hours, I’ve got ‘you know what’ made of Had a prosthesis ’cause they say I’m a boy”, she told in an interview with the media.

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What is Adam’s problem with the Infante?

Infante, in February 2022, filed a criminal complaint against Adame for gender-based media violence and extortion, after the latter made strong statements against the mother of the host of the “Sale el Sol” program, whom she told was practicing magic. Was practicing sorcery, was engaged in prostitution and drug trafficking.

In view of this, Gustavo Adolfo filed a complaint with the Mexico City Attorney General’s office, seeking as a precautionary measure a restraining order on the actor, which he allegedly broke when alleging that Infante’s did not have a professional license. a journalist.

“Every three minutes this guy says I told him: ‘Dwarf’, that I told him that, he, ‘Now he says I told him I didn’t have a journalist card, so he went and presented me in front of the judge. They asked me ‘Listen to the journalist…’, I replied ‘He is not a journalist, he doesn’t have a journalist card’.

What is the infant asking Adam?

“Nothing, let him go and the judge put me in the boat (that) for 12 hours, because he said the precautionary measures were that I didn’t say anything about him, that I didn’t go near him or his mother.

Will Adam seek anger therapy?

The soap opera actor was also asked whether he would seek anger therapy because of the problems he has with people who are not related to the medium, to which he replied:

“What treatment am I going to consider? I am a happy man, with money, with health, who lives very well, I am a man who gives it his all, anger when a fool grabs me and tells me something stupid, I answer him, my anger is not therapy, it’s reaction therapy.”

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How’s the deal with your ex Diana Golden?

In the case with his ex, Diana Golden, there is a judge’s order to arrest Alfredo for 12 hours for not publishing in two media outlets, a case against him for moral damages.

The actress’s lawyer, Victor Carrillo, explained that if she does not comply with the imprisonment, the hours could be extended to 24 or 36.

Subsequently, the controversial driver indicated that he had already paid what he asked for, but he has yet to publish what has been requested in the media.

“One day Diana told me I was this and that, I answered her, then it didn’t seem to her anymore, so she went and sued me, then in the first round I beat her 10 and a half months later appears a sentence where it says I have to pay 28,210 pesos and present the sentence on two television programs like Imagen Television, nothing else, no public apology, nothing.

When they asked for quotes, they never gave them, last week they asked for the cost so that the sentence appeared in 10 seconds, but they didn’t give them any answer.

“It is a legal aberration that we are thinking of filing a complaint, there is no substance, nor form, only that I have to pay 28,210 pesos, I have to pay it? I don’t know “.

“Abogadillo Annette Buzzard”

Adame noted that lawyer Carrillo can say anything: “He’s a p…he wanted to put me in the boat, so I filed the appeal where it says: Here are four communications with the television station that last 10 seconds. ask for quotes for. He out. He says it jokingly, he’s a pen… Enote, that’s it.

“Ask the little mouse lawyer how did he do that the first incident won it (me), 10 months later there is a sentence violation where it says I have to pay 28 thousand 210 pesos.”

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