Alia Siddiqui’s trouble increased, a close friend filed a case

Alia Siddiqui: bollywood actor nawazuddin siddiqui He is currently in discussion because of his personal life. Wife Aaliya (Aaliya Siddiqui) has made many serious allegations against him. Nawaz later denied the allegations. Now a close friend of Alia has also filed a case against her.

Alia Siddiqui’s troubles are increasing day by day. Alia had made serious allegations against Nawaz. After that, Nawaz took to Twitter to refute her allegations. Meanwhile, Alia’s close friend Manju Garhwal has filed a case against her.

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What are the allegations made by Manju Garhwal?

Manju Garhwal is a close friend of Alia and has made serious allegations against her. Aaliya had borrowed lakhs of rupees from Manju and Aaliya has not yet returned the money to Manju. Talking about this, Manju said, “Alia had borrowed Rs 50 lakh from my parents four years ago to make a film. She has not returned the money till now. She also borrowed Rs 27 lakh from me. The executive producer of that film… did not return.”

Manju said, “She gave me a check before the release of Alia’s film, but it bounced. Then she said she would pay all the money by February 14, 2023. But she hasn’t paid me yet. That’s why I made a file.” Case against Alia.

Aaliya was making various allegations against the Nawab for the last few days. But Nawaz was calm. But one day he broke his silence by tweeting for the children and commented on the whole matter. After that, along with the fans, many Bollywood actors supported Nawaz through social media.

What has Alia accused Nawazuddin?

Alia has alleged that Nawazuddin is making children alien. In this, many allegations like abusing, not giving food, locking in the room, not bearing the expenses of children’s education are also included. Now once again Alia has made serious allegations against Nawazuddin by sharing a post on social media.

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