Alihan, more sorry than ever for letting Zeynep escape

Next week we will experience many changes inoriginal sin, One of the biggest unknowns will be the marriage between camel and poisonWh… will it ever happen? The truth is that even though Argonne’s eldest daughter wants to marry the businessman, too many people will get in the way to serve their interests. Will Yildiz allow Kemal to be happy? What would Ender do in the situation? and halite? you need money amazing,

In the end, the couple will have the last word, but… will they be able to overcome everyone else’s jealousy?

On the other hand, Alihan You will be more suspicious than ever…zeynep spend more time with dunder, And, the realization that he has lost her will become more and more apparent. What if she never found out that Halit was her mother’s boyfriend? Will you continue with Zeynep?

For her part, the young woman is trying to rebuild her life bit by bit. Although it’s hard to see ender and alihan Continuous. but it will last dunder At least… to make Alihan jealous! Will she be able to love him?

Next week we’ll see all this and moreoriginal sin, Plus, a new and unexpected alliance of two enemies from the past, is about to happen. Who would they be? Are you going to miss it?

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