All The Emmys ‘The Last Of Us’ Is Likely To Win

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since last of us The hype train that debuted on HBO is going in full swing, and rightly so. With its artistic direction, stellar acting performances, and utterly heartbreakingly-beautiful writing, the show speaks volumes of disappointing live-action adaptations of video games, earning tons of new fans for the series the show inspired. This trend is increasing. naughty dog ​​game

While critical and cultural acclaim is all well and good, even the most successful Hollywood workers know that the pinnacle of a television show’s success is winning awards, and no award in the world of the small screen is greater than the Emmys. doesn’t matter. While we’re far from finding out who has been nominated for what, last of us Looks like it’ll break a chain of incredible sci-fi shows being completely ignored by TV’s biggest awards show (as fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the walking deadand countless other series’ can attest).

The Emmys themselves are divided into three distinct categories – the Regular Primetime Emmy Awards, the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards (which rewards technical and behind-the-scenes achievements such as hair and makeup), and the Primetime Engineering Emmy Awards. while we are sure TLOU All three would receive multiple nominations, especially in the Creative Arts section for categories such as Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup and Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series In this article we will focus on the Primetime Emmy Awards that we think it will win Possibility.

which emmy is it last of us Chances of winning?

Riley (Storm Reid) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) ride horses on a carousel
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excellent drama series

We’ll start with Biggie: Outstanding Drama Series. Past winners include heavy hitters such as succession, the SopranosAnd Mad Man, And just as impressive is the list of nominated shows that didn’t win, such as better call Saul, westworld, And House of cards,

Although we have not yet completed the enrollment period, last of us There will definitely be stiff competition in this category. It’s been a bumper year for television with shows like White lotus And internal management and generating extreme award hype, as well as the final season better call Saul and last year’s winners succession To compete Not to mention some of the dark horse options, like yellow jacket, It’s anyone’s guess, of course, who will get the prize, but TLOU There will be a worthy winner.

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series

This award is slightly different as it is given for a specific episode of the nominated show. This makes sense, because over the course of a season, a television series will usually have multiple directors, which is also true. last of us, While each episode has given us something special and a few were left behind before the first season is over, the frontrunner for this award is likely to be the fifth episode “Endure and Survive”.

Directed by Craig Mazin, the episode was everything you could want – back-breaking tension, a slew of emotions, and an incredible action sequence that ended with fan favorite Jeffrey Pearce being ripped apart by a blotter. The episode ended on one of the most shocking and saddest notes in the entire series, which says a lot, considering how haunting some of the other episodes have been.

Not only did Mazin beautifully direct the human characters in the episode, but the creepy way he managed to click a kid maneuvering through a car while chasing Allie was pure nightmare fuel. This is an excellent episode that deserves to be nominated.

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

As was always the case with adaptations of a beloved video game, many fans of last of us were concerned that the show’s writers would carnage the entertaining and emotionally resonant gameplay script in an attempt to make it more palatable to television audiences. Thankfully, they’ve been proven wrong time and again, and the main proof of that is TLOU Hotly tipped to be nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.

Another award that focuses on one episode of a series, “Endure and Survive” is likely to be the one that garners that sweet nomination thanks to its incredible character development and painful ending. With that said, the most recent episode, “When We’re in Need”, could also be nominated, and there’s even a chance that both episodes make it to the shortlist. However, there is no guarantee, as the competition will be tough.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Now we come to one of the biggest awards: Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. There are some truly iconic names on the list of past recipients, from three-time winner James Gandolfini to the ever-talented Bryan Cranston. Last year’s winner was Lee Jung-jae, who played Seong Gi-hun. sarcasm game, He managed to beat out a highly competitive field including Jeremy Strong and Bob Odenkirk, and this year’s competition is going to be just as tough for Pedro Pascal.

With that said, Pascal currently has a chance to be nominated for the most recent release of the latest season of Nominations. mandalorian, But there have been several great leading man performances to give him some competition. Possible 2023 nominees include Strong, Brian Cox and Odenkirk, all of whom have a great shot at winning.

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Let’s be clear: If Bella Ramsey isn’t nominated for her performance as Ellie, it should cause riots. If the teen wins, she’ll become the youngest person ever to snag an Emmy, just three years after Zendaya received praise for her performance. Excitement, Ramsey will also join an outstanding list of talented names who have won the award, including Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson and Claire Danes.

While Ramsey is one of the favorites to take home the award, she will face stiff competition from several other insanely talented actresses. Elisabeth Moss, who was previously a winner for her role The Handmaid’s Tale, highly likely to be nominated again for her performance as June in the dystopian thriller. Ramsey will also probably be up against a familiar face to fans. last of usMelanie Lynskey, who played Kathleen in two episodes of the show and has every chance of being nominated for her performance yellow jacket, Still, Ramsey looks to be the favorite right now.

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