American Idol Finale: Who Will Win Season 21? Who else should win?

with only 24 hours until sunday American Idol finale (ABC, 8/7c), we have a little confession to make: We’re not entirely sure who’s going to win this thing.

Sure, America has fallen head over heels for Im Tongi, who regularly elicits the loudest cheers of the studio audience, but neither Colin Stuff nor Megan Daniels should be counted out just yet.

and if you think statue Not capable of a surprise ending, I have two words for you: “Soul Patrol.” Heck, I was pretty sure Annie had earned herself a spot on this season’s finale, yet here we are with an Annie-less Top 3. thankfully he Is Returning for the finale for a special performance, along with many of our favorite players from this season.

So now there are two questions we must ask ourselves: Who do we believe among the remaining finalists? Desire win on sunday? and which singer do we think about Needed Victory, regardless of the result? If you really search your soul, you may find that you have two different answers. Or not, but hey, we’ve got to pass the time somehow, right?

Read on for an analysis of your three options, then complete with videos of them performing at their best Vote in a pair of our polls. When you’re done, go ahead and let some more feelings about it come to the fore. statue Concluding in a note.

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