Ana Gabriel accused of “lack of respect” throughout the concert and apologized: “It left me unbalanced”

According to his agenda published on Instagram, the Mexican appeared this Saturday 25 in Los Angeles, where an unpleasant moment must have occurred for the artist. She was scheduled for another show this Sunday the 26th.

Ana Gabriel apologizes after the concert

On Twitter and Instagram, the 67-year-old artist explained that “in this first concert I turned out to give everything as always, tonight the public’s part put me in a difficult position as a human and as a singer.

, it threw me off balance as an artistThis has never happened to me in my career of 48 years and I accept my responsibility.”

“But i can’t accept humiliation When I bring with me only my voice, my singing, my friendship and my blessings.”

These are the messages that Ana Gabriel published in which she accused herself of being the object of “humiliation” allegedly by the public at a concert this weekend.

Credit, Ana Gabriel/Twitter

, I apologize to the public who went to have a good time And they know that the artist is going to complete them and fill their soul with love,” he said. “I want to tell you that right now I don’t feel well as a human being, as an artist. as little.”

Ana Gabriel did not give more details about what could have happened, despite the fact that many fans have asked her on social networks to clarify the facts.

March in Mexico: the alleged cause of the incident at Ana Gabriel’s concert

Through a tweet that a follower left Ana Gabriel speculated about what could have happened at the Los Angeles concert.

According to the fan, everything was supposedly due to a “conversation” that the singer had with the public.

Protesters took to the streets to show their disapproval of the changes being made to the current government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“I came out with everything to give my all and I wanted to talk about the march that will take place tomorrow (Sunday) in Mexico For citizenship and defend the INE (National Electoral Institute), arbiter of elections,” said Ana Gabriel in response to her follower.

Ana Gabriel assured in another of her tweets that she “wanted to talk about the march” that took place this Sunday in Mexico against the electoral reform that is intended to be established in that country.

Credit, Ana Gabriel/Twitter and Mezcalent

, But someone came out and left me emotionally unbalancedI couldn’t handle it, then I realized my mistake and what happened, happened.”

She told someone else on Twitter that she was “saddened” after what happened, but she was set to perform her second concert this Sunday: “Thanks for your understanding, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


Ana Gabriel has successfully started her tour of Latin America, ‘Por Amor a Eustedes World Tour’.


A few days before the series of concerts began, he warned his followers that he would not be taking pictures, hugging or accepting gifts.

Credit, Ana Gabriel / Instagram


Through a video, he explained that he does this responsibly to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and thus to meet his concert schedule.

Credit, Ana Gabriel / Instagram

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“They have written to me, they have asked me what gift they have for me, that they want to hug me, I want to tell them not to buy anything for the occasion, I will not get anything,” he said. Said. at the beginning of a video posted to Instagram on Sept. 4.

Credit, Ana Gabriel / Instagram


“I beg you please do not spend, as I will not be able to receive anything. With great gratitude I ask for your understanding for not being able to accept your gifts on this visit to LATAM, this I’m not, it’s commitment achieved”.

Credit, Ana Gabriel / Instagram


The announcement was well received by thousands of his followers, as they understood his position. However, many people regret not being able to get close to him.

Credit, Ana Gabriel / Instagram

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Arriving in Argentina this afternoon of September 27, Ana Gabriel shared this photo, where it can be seen that she is wearing a knee brace on one of her legs.

Credit, Ana Gabriel / Instagram


The image was accompanied by the following message, where he explained that he would not be canceling his appearances despite the incident.

Credit, Ana Gabriel / Instagram


“Before starting the LATAM Tour, I fell and hurt my right knee,” he explained at the start of the lesson.

Credit, Getty Images

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He confessed that he is in severe pain, but he wants his followers not to worry about his health, as it will not prevent him from going on stage.

Credit, Ana Gabriel / Instagram


“I’ve been brave, but last night especially it hurt a lot and since my foot was stuck I had to say it.”

Credit, grosby group


He said on social networks, “I didn’t want to comment on anything so that they don’t worry, but I have an injury in my right knee, however, no one or nothing has stopped me, see you tomorrow.”

Credit, Mezcalente

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The Mexican singer landed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on the afternoon of Sept. 27, where she will perform on Wednesday, the 28th.

Credit, Mezcalente


Ana Gabriel will end her tour of Latin America at the end of October.

Credit, Mezcalente

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