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Ana Gabriel announces her retirement from music
Ana Gabriel announces her retirement from music. Photo: Darkroom

singer Ana Gabriel announced his retirement from music after a concert in Los Angeles, CaliforniaAmerica. After thanking her fans for the support they showed her during her performance on 25 February, He confessed to them: “I want to let you know that I will be leaving the stage soon”,

Ana Gabriel67 years old, said Withdrawal will not be instant And the reason is that she is already tired of the scenarios and wants to enjoy her family more “in another way”.

Ana Gabriel apologizes to the public

through their social networks, Ana Gabriel She apologized to the public attending the concert in Los Angeles, but asked to be accorded the respect of the stage where, after speaking, the public demanded she begin singing.

“Despite today at this first concert I turned out to give everything as usual, tonight’s portion of the public put me in a difficult position as a human being and as a singer, it made me lose myself as an artist. Unbalanced as this has never happened to me in my career of 48 years, and I accept my responsibility but I cannot accept the humiliation when I bring with me only voice, singing, friendship and my blessings, In the same way I apologize to the public who went to have a good time and who know that the artist is going to fulfill them and it will fill your soul with love, I want to tell you that right now I am not good enough as a human being Looks, very little as an artist, but yes, I promise tomorrow’s show will be full of love and music, thank you for your understanding. I hope tomorrow.”

Ana Gabriel

The singer made a political position and asked his followers to play the CD at home as they were no longer going to listen to it after talking about the situation. Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

“You’ll forgive me if I already (…) I’m going to ask for a minute to calm down, but I want you to understand that I will always defend Latin America.”

Ana Gabriel

Ana Gabriel As part of this there are concerts scheduled in the months of June and July. europe tour 2023 in cities like Madrid, Zurich, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Milan, London And the official sales will start from March 3rd.

sinaloan singer Ana Gabriel He has an artistic career of 48 years and wants to celebrate 50 years of his career.

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