Ana learns that Horacio is unfaithful to her

Ana (Paola Turbe) was happy because she was about to celebrate her 25th anniversary with Horacio (Jorge Enrique Abello), who is her husband and right-hand man; But, for a long time, in addition to working for him, the man had a fleeting relationship with Adelaida Gomez, a successful lawyer.

Ana is the only one who does not know about Horacio’s infidelity

It is revealed that at an award show for Horacio, who is a famous architect in town, Violeta, Ana’s best friend, realized the man was kissing a much younger woman, to whom she said: you love”.

Similarly, Florencia, the Valenzuelas’ youngest daughter, found that her father had strange behaviors when he looked at the phone late at night; Moreover, the incident that intrigued her the most was when the family was out for a walk, and a call came in on the cell phone, which no one answered.

Florencia finds out who called her father: Adelaida Gomez. The matter did not stop there as the teenager confronted the lawyer at his apartment to tell him some truths.

Ana learns that Horacio is unfaithful to her

Anna prepared an exquisite dinner for her husband, but the subject did not come up in time, causing some annoyance to his wife. The deception is exposed when Ana asks him about a jewel he made for her, but the reality is that the original owner is Adelaida.

If it wasn’t for me, who was it for? I look forward to your reply, Horacio. Who is that diamond bracelet for? I thought the worst that could happen to me was that you were unfaithful, but even worse is that you think I’m gullible!

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