Ana Obregón fans melt over Ana Sandra’s last photo: “What a doll”

Magazine on March 29 Greetings! It turned out that Ana Obregón became the mother of a girl through surrogacy at the age of 68, and a few days later, on April 5, the same protagonist admitted that the minor was in fact his granddaughter.

For Ana Obregón, her life was once again filled with light with the birth of her daughter (and granddaughter), Ana Sandra. Today, the presenter wanted to congratulate little Ana Sandra who is two months old: “My Ales, your daughter is two months old today,” she wrote.

Through her social networks, Ana Obregón constantly shows the evolution of Ana Sandra. Pictures and videos of the little girl are common on the presenter’s Instagram, which is flooded with compliments for the little girl.

Ana Obregón has congratulated her adopted daughter and biological granddaughter – Ana Sandra – through her social networks this Saturday. Little Ana Sandra has completed her second month of life today after being born via a surrogate in Miami on March 20.

Ana Obregón reflects on the evolution of Ana Sandra

Ana Obregón reflects on the evolution of Ana Sandra


“Happy birthday, two months, Anita!” wrote Ana Obregón on her Instagram along with a picture of the little girl. The president’s emotional message is specifically addressed to his son, Ailes, who died of cancer three years ago.

He wrote, “My Ales, your daughter turns two months today. I wish her every second of every day all the love you wanted to give her.” He said, “I hug her for you. I care for her for you. I love her for you. And I know you protect us from where you sleep. You are my life.” is the love of

Ana obregón first time with ana sandra

Ana obregón first time with ana sandra


The publication is quickly filled with positive comments about little Ana Sandra: “She has beautiful eyes, Ana”, wrote Carmen Lomana. “What a Little Doll”, posted by another user.

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