Andrea Legaretta defends Eric Rubin from “cruelty” on social networks

after announcing the separation andrea legareta And Eric RubinThe driver has come out to defend her still-husband as the allegations against him continue to circulate on social networks.

After the joint statement, in which she did not reveal the reasons for the blunder, Andrea spoke on the program “Hoy” about how difficult it was to make the decision, and clearly affected, she cried and received the support of her colleagues, who supported her. but preferred not to comment. Issue; Galilea Montijo was the one who was most sympathetic, as both broke down remarking that there are things that are lost in marriage.

In the network, netizens debate what exactly happened that such a stable marriage with almost 23 years of marriage decided to break up, and among its “culprits” they point out the Kabba singer, Celery QuijanoThe onstage kiss with Rubin on the ’90s Pop Tour is part of the show, as they say.

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Instagram Nina Rubin Lagaretta.

Andrea Legaretta comes to Eric’s rescue

Legareta denied that their separation was caused by a third person, and completely ruled out that Apio Quijano, with whom Eric has shared a kiss on stage, is responsible, as she assured that her husband was gay. Not there.

However, netizens continue to replay these videos, and again Appio asked that he is not connected to that break, as said kiss is part of the act and the show; He said that he loves and respects Andrea and Eric.

Tired of the gossip, Legaretta not only limited comments on some of the posts on her network, but also posted some photos on Instagram showing her support for Eric and disapproving of what was said about him on the network Are.

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“And just when you think humans couldn’t get more cruel, lying and unkind, take a look at social networks,” it reads.

In her second message, Andrea posted a photo of her family, in which she, Eric and their two daughters, Mia and Nina, are seen hugging. “I love us,” he wrote with a heart emoji.

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