Andrea Legaretta leaves TODAY; Which reason is the Millennial Group

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Actress, businesswoman and host since last Wednesday, Andrea Legaretta, is the hero of one of Biggest and latest scam Of show business. Through a joint statement shared via social networks, he and Eric Rubin announced their separation after 22 years of marriage.

According to the then couple, the decision was made five months ago in consensus and civility, however, it was delayed until February 22 because of how difficult it was to spread.

He also detailed Does not involve any lawsuits or ambiguous situations, But it is a “transformation of love as a couple”. For this reason he confirmed it together with his daughters. they will continue to be a familyWhereas in businesses in which both are partners They remain partners.

Absence of arising causes a A wave of speculation about the real reason for the separationas far as is estimated Rubin’s infidelities, with both women and men, as the main reason. Even singer Apio Quijano, Eric’s partner in the musical show ’90’s Pop Tour, was accused of being the third in the relationship, a fact that T.Everyone involved reacted negativelyDismissing the fact and seeking respect for the situation.

Andrea Legaretta leaves ‘Today’

During the broadcast of Televisa’s morning show, ‘Today’, On Thursday, February 23, Andrea spoke live about the situation for the first time Personal and emotional face. There, he declared that isolation affected him and Tearfully asks for respect for her and Eric.

He was seen during the broadcast for the rest of the day and on Friday. Frustrated, sad and estranged from his colleagues too, The guests and classes of which the production is composed. In view of this, viewers and fans expressed their concern, arguing that The best thing for Legarreta would be to get away for a few days.

Surprisingly, the suggestion became a reality as the show went off air in the last minutes on Friday.The drivers got to disengage the transmission.

Galilea Montijo cries for Andrea Legarreta and Eric Rubin (Special).

they made some announcements like the section ‘Aaj Pajamas’ returns after years of absenceBeing the last Friday of each month we will see the presenters in their pajamas in front of the cameras. On the other hand, the driver and announcer, Juan Carlos ‘Borrego’ Nava joins the family of the morning for the said section.

Although the most surprising thing was when Andrea Legaretta shared that she will be absent from the show for two days: Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th, for a reported visit to Colombia, about which he provided more details.

“Lega, where are you going?” Galilea Montejo asked.

“Ahh, I want to tell you that I am going to Colombia, because I do not come on Monday or TuesdaySo that later they would not say ”, he replied.

The piece was not saved as uploaded by the production to its YouTube channel; However, those with streaming services such as VIX+ and izzi go can resume live shows up to seven days in advance. antiquity; The announcement was made at 11:59 p.m.


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