Andrea Legarreta confessed privately in the middle of the program the reason she split from Eric Rubin?

andrea legareta And Eric Rubin reported earlier this year that he took decide to separate for a while to decide what’s best for their relationship and their family, although they haven’t really done that at all, because they’ve traveled together, they go to family parties, concerts together and they’re still are also in the same house.

However, one of the possible reasons that may have prompted them to decide to take time off as a couple has recently come to the fore, and it is the couple’s overabundance of self-confidence, according to what did the driver confess in the program ofToday,

Credit: Instagram / @andrealegarreta

During one of the funniest sections of the show, Areth de la Torre and Andrea Legarreta They played a couple who have too much trust in privacy, The first example the driver gave was of catch flatulence of your partner, especially in bed.

was in the sense andrea legareta who spoke of flatulence, assuring that although those accused of doing such things are mainly men “then women are worse“Leaving open the possibility of being on the balcony, as she is responsible for flatulence in her pre-relationship Eric Rubin,

Was galilee montejo who added that although trust is fundamental in a couple, there should also be some intimacy and reservation cross the line with things like flatulence Can cause partner to lose libidoAnd this can lead them to love failure.

Credit: Instagram / @andrealegarreta

However, the singer recently revealed that they are not looking to sign a divorce just yet, as separation therapy is still ongoing. This time, he noted, helping to meet And know how they function as a couple and also as friends.

But in that sense, he said that if it didn’t work out at all, they would essentially talk about getting a divorce with the lawyers involved. For now he said, “I am full, with all these, couple part if we’re going to reactivate that area ,

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