Antonio Rosic may have relinquished leadership of the Exathlon All Star; recording stopped

  • It was revealed that Antonio Rosic is out of ‘Extalon All Star’ and recording stopped in real time.
  • A few weeks after the premiere of the TV Azteca reality show, it was revealed that Rosique is absent from ‘Exatlón All Star’.
  • The reason behind Rosick’s exit from the reality show has been revealed.

A few weeks have passed since the premiere of the new season of ‘Exatlón’, this time in its ‘All Star’ edition, a project that was linked to the previous season of the reality show of athletes who leave everything on the circuit.

But the success of ‘Exatlón’ wouldn’t be the same without its host, Antonio RosicWho hasn’t got even a moment’s rest between one season and the other.

According to the ‘Queen of Spoilers’, she revealed that in real time, Rosique out of ‘Exatlón All Star’ And fans have already started saying they can’t imagine a reality show with any other presenter.

However, the spoiler account revealed that Rosick’s absence is temporary, as he sought some days off to recover and continue program recording,

The driver’s request may have also done the athletes a favor as they would be able to take a break once the recording stops and devise new strategies for the spur-of-the-moment production task when the reality show resumes.

“by Friday they resume recording … and they finish recording final survival, interview day and elimination”.Wrote another article full of spoilers about Antonio Rogic’s absence.

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