Anupama 21st May 2023 Written Update Anuj Anu union

Anupama 21st May 2023 Written Update Anuj Anu union

Anupama 21st May 2023 Written Update Anuj Anu union. Maya panics and asks Anuj what was he doing with Anupama. He asks her to sit and have medicines, or else she will fall sick. He takes care of Maya. Anu asks him what happened to Maya. He asks her to relax. She tells that they shall go home. Vanraj also asks Anuj to go home. Anupama watches Anuj and gets upset. Vanraj asks Anupama to stay back with them. She refuses and tells them that she will go to Kanta’s house. Vanraj chats with Barkha and thinks they shouldn’t tell anything to Anupama when Anuj isn’t speaking up. Anuj and Maya leave with Anu. Anuj gets surrounded by Anupama’s memories, that start rekindling his love for her.

He imagines Anupama who is the heartbeat of his house. He doesn’t like to stay there without Anupama. He feels he is still doing wrong with her, by keeping her away. He apologizes to her, and she tells him that his sorry isn’t enough. He gets to see the family members. Barkha asks Maya if she will stay with Anuj in his room. She tells that she will have to remove Anupama’s stuff from the room if Maya wants to be there. Anuj tells that Maya will stay in the guest room. Ankush asks Anuj to check the company accounts.

Anuj appreciates Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik for handling the business. He tells that he will check the accounts just to be in the loop. Ankush is glad, while Barkha and Adhik get worried. Anupama goes emotionally exhausted thinking of Maya and Anuj. She weeps saying it’s Anuj and her house, and Anuj shouldn’t have taken Maya there. Anuj goes to his room and misses Anupama. He wishes he could tell her the truth. Anupama tells that Anuj wanted to tell the truth, but couldn’t say it because of Maya. Both of them stay in pain and cry.

The next day, Leela tells the family that she has made a pain relief oil for the family members, who will have body aches after Sangeet functions. Anupama takes care of Samar. She tells that she will give an amazing performance in his Sangeet. The family encourages her to set the stage on fire. Leela asks Anupama to burn Maya with jealousy. Kavya joins the family. Leela asks her to perform the function. Samar tells that Kavya will dance with everyone. Kinjal asks Kavya to stay back till the marriage functions get over. Kavya refuses. Vanraj asks them not to force Kavya, she will visit them and enjoy the functions. Anupama suspects Kavya is hiding something. Later, Anuj is seen sharing the truth with Anupama, winning her heart and uniting with her again.

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