Anupama 22nd May 2023 Written Update Unexpected

Anupama 22nd May 2023 Written Update Unexpected

Anupama 22nd May 2023 Written Update Unexpected. Anuj wakes up with Anupama’s memories. Maya comes to ask him if he had a good sleep. Anuj tells that he will go and see Anu. She wants to enter his room and make a place for herself in his heart. Samar speaks to Dimpy and plans his Sangeet. She asks him about the song selection. He tells that he knows about her choice. She tells that she will defeat him on the dance floor. They talk about Maya and Anu’s strange behavior. Dimpy asks him where will he take her on their honeymoon. Samar tells that it’s a big thing if they get a room in the house. She asks him to switch his room with Vanraj’s room and change the décor. Samar tells that it’s Vanraj’s room and he has many memories with it, even if he is living alone and Kavya left him, he has a right in his room.

He promises to fulfill her needs with time. He wants to get things done as per his status. She tells that she will ask Anuj to fund the honeymoon tickets, as he is funding the marriage. Samar asks her not to take any favors from Anuj. He tells that she can rethink their marriage if she wants lavish comforts. Anupama and Bhairavi practice dance in Malti Devi’s class. Malti is impressed with Anupama’s performance and tells that her one-month practice has worked wonders. She tells that Anupama has surpassed Nakul today. Nakul gets upset. Malti asks Anupama to come for costume trials in the evening.

Anupama is worried that she will miss Samar’s Sangeet. She tells that she will come on time. She invites Malti to Samar’s marriage. She respects her Guru and she will be happy if Malti comes. Malti doesn’t reply. Anupama asks Bhairavi to go home. She decides to go to the market and buy some stuff. She wishes Malti attends Samar’s marriage. Anuj goes to the market at the same time when Anupama reaches there. They have a sudden unplanned meeting. Anuj tells her that very soon she will be going to the US.

Anupama tells that she has to go this time. They both have much to say. She wants to listen to him. They get some heart balloons and laugh happily. The balloon seller tells that it’s his loss and the balloons flew away. Anuj tells that it was not their mistake and pays for the man’s loss. Vanraj is afraid that Anupama didn’t come home. Leela also wonders the same. Maya is afraid that Anuj has gone to Shah’s house to speak to Anupama. Anupama asks Anuj to complete the matter which he wanted to say yesterday.

Vanraj calls Anupama and tries to know where is he. Anuj remembers Maya’s words and doesn’t tell anything. He tells her that he will drop her at Shah’s house, and they can go together if they are going to the same place. She tells that they couldn’t go together and he shouldn’t care for her after abandoning her. He stays rigid and asks her to sit on the bike. She finally gives up and takes help from him. Anuj loves her, but can’t tell her the truth. He gets hurt by her indifference. He stops the bike to talk to her. He tells that he wants to tell her something. He adds that he was coming to meet her, but received a phone call which compelled him to change his decision. He narrates the entire story and makes an apology to her.

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