Anupama: Vanraj, Barkha and Maya plan to separate Anuj-Anupama. netizens want to stop watching the show

The ongoing track of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s show Anupamaa is making netizens angry. Viewers are planning to stop watching the show. Read the full story to know more-

Updated May 21, 2023 | 08:21 PM IST

Anupama spoiler alert. (Credits: Twitter)

main idea

  • Anupama’s track leaves netizens fuming
  • They want to stop watching Rupali Ganguly’s show
  • To the unknown, Vanraj, Barkha and Maya plan to separate Anuj and Anupama.
Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s show Anupama Is troubling netizens with his ongoing track. Anuj, Maya and Chhoti Anu arrive at Samar and Dimpy’s pre-wedding function. Anuj and Anupama came in front of each other, and they were sharing deep eye-contact with each other. Seeing the closeness of both, Maya becomes insecure.

Everything was planned to separate Anuj and Anupama

Maya tells Anuj that she is having trouble breathing. Soon after, Anuj starts taking care of Maya, leaving Anupama in pieces. On the other hand, Vanraj and Barkha exchange text messages in which they ask each other whether Anuj has told Anupama anything. Their conversation proves that Vanraj, Barkha and Maya had joined hands to separate Anuj and Anupama.

After entering the Kapadia house, Anuj gets lost in Anupama’s memories. On the other hand, Anuj also asks Maya to stay in the guest room. Now the Shah house will prepare for Samar and Dimpy’s sangeet ceremony. Anupama has signed a 3-year contract with Malti Devi as she leaves for America with Bhairavi.

Netizens are angry with Anupama’s current track

Well, the current track of Anupama leaving netizens fuming, as many of them are planning to quit the show. A user tweeted, “Maya must have tried to #side and ask CA to persuade #Anujkapadia to stay. Nothing mysterious and nothing to look forward to. Leaving # Anupama kal-se! thoo thoo thoo! See you after she leaves.” #America that is almost impossible!!!!”

Netizens want to stop watching Anupamaa.

Another user wrote, “I would suggest you not to take this serial it only when its source of entertainment is not tension…producers are pulling it..and they don’t even realize it” That’s how it affects the audience. . #Anupama #Maa.”

Netizens expressed their anger over Anupama’s current track.

Yet another user said, “Sorry but not sorry I can’t stand mother’s separation so better to leave #anupama. I will always love my Gaurrup. They both are incredible actors and people.” But not able to handle the gruesome story of RS.” Seeing their separation for 5 months is affecting my mental health.

Anupama is affecting the mental health of the audience.

talking about AnupamaThe show stars Sudhanshu Pandey, Madalsa Sharma, Alpana Buch, Ashish Mehrotra, Chhavi Pandey and others in pivotal roles. Stay tuned for more updates!

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