Anu’s Close Bond With Bhairavi Makes Choti Anu Jealous; Anuj Gets Possessive About His Daughter

Rupali Ganguly-led daily soap Anupamaa has become the most loved and viewed shoes on Indian television. Rajan Shahi’s family drama has been topping all the TRP charts ever since it aired on TV. Of late, the makers have introduced surprising twists and turns in the storyline to keep the show engaging. In the upcoming track, we will see Anu going to America along with Bhairavi to join the Gurukul Academy of Malti Devi.

Clearly, She does not like the fact that Bhairavi is getting close to Anu, and seeing her sad, Anuj starts worrying about her. He gets possessive about his daughter as he is not able to see her sad and jealous. On the other hand, little Bhairavi has no idea that her closeness and bond with Anupama is affecting Choti Anu. The forthcoming track is expected to show enmity between Choti Anu and Bhairavi, which will affect Anupama and Anuj’s relationship. Will Anu’s relationship with Anuj will get affected? Will Choti Anu turn against Bhairavi? To know what happens next, keep watching the show!

Meanwhile, the makers have introduced a new character of Gurumaa Malati Devi, which is being portrayed by veteran actress Apara Mehta. Anupama has signed a contract with Malati Devi and as per that she is going to America for 3 years to join the Gurukul Academy of Malti Devi.

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