Appearance of Donald Trump’s Train Wreck in East Palestine Makes ‘SNL’ Cold Open – Deadline


James Austin Johnson kicked off at Donald Trump tonight, saying, “Oh, it’s wonderful to be here in the city of East Palestine, not a great name.” Saturday night Live, “I’m here and I brought the hat, the camera and the hat” he added after taking a dig at Joe Biden for his visit to Ukraine’s capital Kiev and Volodymyr Zelensky earlier this week and his legal troubles.

“That’s Why You Need Me” wearing a MAGA hat snl Trump continued. “I wish I could shit’s creek This place,” he said in reference to the multi-Emmy winning comedy — as you can watch in the video above

Just three days after the former and future POTUS are expected to make a self-aggrandizing trip to the small Ohio town that was devastated by a massive chemical burn after a train derailment tonight. snl The cold open certainly started earlier in time than most shows, with this 48th Season. After months of doing double duty as both Trump and Biden, Johnson once again enthusiastically showed that the former is his strong suit.

Modeling a train wreck from an appearance by the real-life Trump in East Palestine on February 22, Johnson played the “beautiful rainbow and discoloration” of the city’s water, Rihanna’s Super Bowl half-time show and “May Your Train Explode”. Gone and who do we blame?

answer from snlTrump’s Secretary of Transportation was Pete Buttigieg, just like in real life.

“It was his responsibility. Unfortunately, he was too busy being an idiot and a homosexual,” Johnson’s Trump almost deadpanned to huge laughs. But this never happens in my administration. People are saying that I made the trains less safe. not true. OK, not true. I did a lot for trains. I made them bigger, faster, less safe maybe.”

A day after the one-year anniversary of Russia’s ill-advised and brutal invasion of the still-undefeated Ukraine, tonight’s edition of the long-running NBC late-nighter had plenty of material from which to draw. In addition to the very serious war on the eastern edge of NATO, there’s crazy and deadly wet weather in California, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Presidents Day call for a “national divorce” and growing friction in GOP ranks as ex-friends Trump and Ron Told in DeSantis bickers and foot-stamps the 2024 nomination and that looming indictment.

A return to the seemingly bottomless pit of controversial hosting Trump snl In the midst of its 2016 campaign, The Show Tonight may not have taken the most original approach — but it was a tried-and-true strategy that certainly didn’t seem tired.

taking Trumpland’s dangerous and absurd twists up a notch, snl also brought out Emily Kohrs, played by cast member Chloe Fineman.

In case you missed their media tour this week, Gabby cohors in the forecourt of the special grand jury looking into Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia. A nudge from Korch, deliberation behind closed doors, in the blink of an eye, can jeopardize the case. In real life, Trump referred to the Peach State grand jury as a “kangaroo court” and mocked Kohrs himself.

On SNL, Mock Trump said: “Can you believe it? They almost had me and then this little horse girl comes in and saves the day. Thanks Emily.”

Back tonight for the first time since February 4th snl sees host Woody Harrelson join the five-timer club. Coming back as far as hosting encourage Days after 1989, 1992, 2014 and 2019, White House Plumber star Harrelson also popped up snl As in the early days of the 2020 presidential campaign, then-candidate Joe Biden. It’s no coincidence that tonight marks the fifth time Jack White rocks 30 Rockefeller Plaza’s Studio 8H as Rockefeller Plaza. snlmusical guest of

Next week, as we delve deeper into our Season 48, Saturday night Live Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Super Bowl winner Travis Kelce will host in his first, with Kelsea Ballerini as the musical guest. The show will be on March 11 Wednesday Fronting Star Jenna Ortega snl Together as a 1975 musical act.

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