Artist of the Week: Betty Gilpin

Artist | betty gilpin

show | Peacock mrs davis

Episode | “The Final Intercut: So I’m Your Horse” (May 18, 2023)

performance | The absurd yet profound exploration of Simone in the Peacock series has been entertaining to say the least, and that’s due in large part to Gilpin’s divine performance as the wry nun Simone. And while the actress impressed from the outset, she really excelled in this week’s surprisingly grounded finale.

After following a bizarre, song-filled clue to the creator of the titular algorithm, the traveling nun is faced with a startling truth: her journey to destroy the Holy Grail was not a noble request. , was rather misinterpreted by Mrs. Davis for Buffalo Wild Wings – the popular restaurant chain for which it was developed. Gilpin seamlessly shifted from disbelief to exasperation, her contorted face capturing with perfect clarity her character’s growing discontent as Simone processed the infuriating news.

In the later hours, Simone finds herself on the brink of life and death as she prepares to drink from the Holy Grail, the final step in her grand mission that could either kill her or leave her whole. Could have done. In a heartwarming farewell, Gilpin pours her character’s parting words to Mother Superior with graceful calmness, putting on a brave face before leaping into the unknown.

Taking that fatal sip also meant releasing her lover Jay, who served as a literal explanation of her faith in Jesus. With Gilpin’s hoarse voice and tear-stained face, we bid their heartbreaking goodbye, driving home the emotional weight of that bittersweet parting.

In the next moment, Gilpin’s dramatic and comedic chops were on full display, as the Holy Grail exploded, with the actress crying, laughing, and crying in astonishing succession.

We’ve always been a firm believer in Gilpin’s incredible talent, but his extraordinary work on the Wacky series has turned us into lifelong devotees. Be victorious.

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