Artist of the Week: Natasha Lyonne

the performer , Natasha Lyonne

Display , Peacock poker face

case , ‘The Hook’ (March 9, 2023)

Display , Watching amateur detective Charlie Cale use his lie-detection skills to solve murders has been a distinct pleasure all season long on Peacock’s Anagrams Mystery, thanks to Leon’s hilariously raspy lead performance. But she tops herself in this week’s season finale as Charlie drops his poker face for a bit, giving us a better idea of ​​what that’s really like.

The finale gives us plenty of chances for Lyon to laugh, with Charlie tagging along as well as a wild bachelor party to endure Cliff’s dead-serious spoken-word recitation of Blues Traveler’s “Hook.” (He really is the worst.) But Leon also shows a steely intensity when Charlie confronts Cliff, his eyes filled with emotion as he contemplates shooting the man, and later the intimidating casino owner Sterling. stood toe-to-toe with Frost Sr. ., don’t give even an inch. The episode gave us our first good look at Charlie’s backstory, introduced us to her sister Emily, played by Clea Duvall, and Leon put Charlie’s emotional wounds on full display as the two sisters settle old family feuds. Did. The stress of living on the lam for a year came out in Lyon’s voice when Charlie asked his sister, “You think I like living like this?” (The poker face The writers are still keeping their cards close to their chest regarding Charlie’s past, but Leon manages to surprisingly fill in the blanks with just a few words and a look.)

In the end, Charlie nabs the bad guy, of course — using an, um, unusual ring to subdue Cliff — and goes back on the run, this time with a different casino boss trying to track him down. swore off. (And we can’t wait to see Leone tangle with Rhea Perlman in Season 2.) But for now, let’s enjoy what Leone has given us this season: an instantly memorable TV character with a sassy one- There’s an endless supply of liners and anything else. The hidden depths are yet to be explored.

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