Asda shopper used to pay £12 to stock ‘hidden’ shop £52 food hack

An Asda shopper has revealed how they were able to slash their grocery bill by over £40 after spotting some of the labels on store shelves.

The supermarket regular was on her weekly shop when she noticed “Asda Rewards” signs on some of the product shelves, asking you to download their app. The service incentivizes shoppers to buy Target products to earn money back, which can be converted to store vouchers.

Branded with the phrase “pounds, not points”, the labels say customers who use the app can get “10 per cent off your Asda Cash Rewards cash pot”. While this discount applies to certain groceries, “super star” products offer an even better deal, which this shopper used to reap impressive savings.

As reported by Yorkshire Live, the shopper said: “I noticed ‘star product’ labels on various shelves after I downloaded the app. Sometimes they were hidden, eg ‘out of stock’ labels masking product labels cover if it was not replaced by a member of staff.

“Other times, when I check the app and realize one of them is giving credit back on a purchase, I’m weighing whether or not I want to buy one product or the other.

Savvy shopper gets £40 off her Asda food haul(Image: Yorkshire Live)

“For example, I was trying to buy some Cola cans and they had £2.50 back on Coke Zero but weren’t offering anything on Pepsi despite it being the same price per can. So I gave up on Pepsi And bought just under £30 worth of Coke Zero, which immediately put £7.50 in my wallet.

“Of course it won’t be worth it if the product you switch to is more expensive, but where the price was the same for the same size, I followed the ‘prize’ labels on the shelves. In place of about two or three I had £40 to spend in the big shops.”

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