Avril Lavigne Isn’t Dating Guram Gvasalia, She’s Dating Tyga

It’s been a rollercoaster week for Blackstar fans of Avril Lavigne following several dating rumors surrounding the 38-year-old singer.

There seemed to be initial whispers that Lavigne was possibly dating rapper Tyga when they were spotted after dinner in February, before a source close to the pair confirmed to a gossip site that they were just good friends. Are. okay cool.

Yesterday, however, Lavigne was rumored to have begun dating Vetements CEO and creative director Guram Gvasalia — the younger brother of Balenciaga creative director, Demna — after they were seen holding each other’s hands on March 5. I went. OK, cool.

However (yes, there is more), images of Lavigne kissing Tyga from the Mugler x Hunter Schaefer PFW party on March 6 have begun to emerge, suggesting that the initial rumors were in fact true. what a ride!

Lavigne’s surprise appearance at Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 appears to be an extension of her newfound freedom following her recent split from fiancé Mod Sun, but Lavigne continues to be seen almost exclusively wearing Vetements, which Certainly Gvasalia is adding fuel to the dating fire.

In a March 1 Instagram post announcing Lavigne’s arrival at Paris Fashion Week (and her new Vetements look), she also tagged Guram Gvasalia’s IG account, which seemed innocuous at the time, but only fueled the rumor mill. Added.

As of yesterday, we were pretty sure Lavigne and Gvasalia were a couple, though I wondered if we were actually talking about Vetements in 2023! That being said, the pair do have some interesting similarities, so it made sense.

Levine, for example, is a pop-punk superstar who recently reclaimed her celebrity status, complete with new music and a generation of Gen Z fans only now discovering Levine’s hits.

Meanwhile, Gvasalia has spent the past few years attempting to bring the once buzzworded Vetements back into relevance.

Vetements, once the most popular brand in fashion, has seen a decline in relevance since Guram’s brother Demna left his position as creative director to lead Balenciaga to new heights.

However, unlike Lavigne, a new generation of fans (including some other pop punk icons) have rediscovered Vetements’ older work in light of the Balenciaga boom.

Vetements has attempted to target a new generation of fans with an edgy Instagram presence (cough, @vetements_uncensored, cough) and the youth sub-label VTMNTs but results have been mixed. Lots of kids can’t afford a $1,100 hoodie.

Levin probably can, though. She was seen wearing Vetements shirts, hoodies and jackets throughout Fashion Week, sitting front row at shows like Ottolinger and of course Vetements.

Plus, Lavigne in Vetements is a match made in Y2K heaven.

While Lavigne and Guram Gvasalia together seemed like an early front runner for the most unexpected couple of 2023, her link-up with Tyga is almost as surprising. that being said, is anything In fact So surprising in pop culture now?

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