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where did you come, What does mother do? The plot of the serial (Aai Kuthe Ke Karte) has now reached an interesting turn. Due to the acting of the actors and the plot of this serial, this serial is currently ruling the minds of the viewers. In a recent episode of Ae Khi Kya Karte, Arundhati and Ashutosh tied the knot. As soon as Arundhati and Ashutosh got married, some viewers are now trolling the serial. Actress Madhurani Prabhulkar is playing the role of Arundhati in this series. Madhurani has recently shared a special post. His post caught the attention of many people.

Posted by Madhurani Prabhulkar

A special episode of Arundhati and Ashutosh’s wedding was shown in the serial Ae Khe Kya Karte. Some pictures of the look of this series have been shared by Madhurani on her Instagram account. He captioned this photo, ‘Arundhati’s wedding… should it happen or not…? Should you get married at this age? If it happened then should it be celebrated that much? This type of discussion has been happening at different levels in the society.

“Many people are happy with it while some people don’t accept it. But I definitely think that any single person has the right to marry the person of his/her choice at any age. Why should it be hidden, just because that this is happening in adulthood, or because it is second nature? Marriage should be celebrated. It is indeed the bravery of our channel Star Pravah and our project head Namita Nadkarni and director Ravindra Karmakar who are so forward thinking and much appreciated We do.’ Madhurani Prabhulkar also wrote in the post.

Actor Milind Gawli plays the role of Anirudh Deshmukh in the serial Ae Khe Kya Karte. Actress Rupali Bhosle plays the role of Sanjana.

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