Barry is ending at HBO after four seasons

Barry’s reign of terror is about to end on HBO.

According to Variety, the series will conclude with its fourth season on the premium cabler.

The news was heavily rumored for months and is now official. The final season premieres on 16 April.

Co-creators Bill Hader and Alec Berg decided the show would end with season 4 while they were writing the fourth season.

“It was very much in the writing and the storytelling,” Hader told the outlet of the decision.

Barry Gets The Finger Season 2 Episode 2

“I mean, after last season a lot of people were like, ‘Why are you doing another season? It should have just ended.'”

“But for me, there are still a lot of questions with the other characters and with Barry — and a lot of things untold.”

He added, “What happens in season 4 is structurally radical in some ways, but I think it makes sense for what the characters are supposed to do.”

“And I think that’s kind of what the whole show is always about,” he said.

barry looks worried season 2 episode 2

“You realize, well, we can pad a lot of things, and just make up the story. But if we’re going to move forward, it ends in Season 4.”

HBO has renewed Barry for Season 4 in May 2022.

In addition to Hader, Barrie stars Henry Winkler, Sarah Goldberg, Anthony Carrigan, Stephen Root, and Sarah Burns.

The official teaser for Season 4 begins after the third season. Check it out below.

Barry is the latest HBO series to announce it is ending.

The makers of Succession recently announced that the series will end with its upcoming fourth season.

It’s rare in today’s TV landscape for a series to end on its own terms, but HBO is here to give creatives room to decide when shows should end.

Anthony Carrigan as Noah Hank - Barry Season 2 Episode 1

Nice to know that this is a possibility.

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