Be it criticism of the Oscars for ‘everything together everywhere’ or an attack by those who see positive discrimination everywhere

There’s a parallel universe that won the Oscars brilliantly, with seven awards everything at once Since then no film has won so many statuettes. Slumdog Millionaire In 2009, which garnered eight- unanimous praise from the industry, audience and critics, but of course, it is not in this one.

Despite the fact that it started with many difficulties before the Oscars (its release date, its genre, the complexity of its script, its modern visual language …), the first thing that Daniel’s film achieved was the public. The grace of It cost just over $14 million and has grossed 107 worldwide, making it the highest-grossing film from its studio A24.Above hereditary. Published reviews upon its premiere in March were more than positive. It has a score of 81 on Metacritic (the only lukewarm reviews it received in its day Guardian And this new yorker,

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Since the start of the Oscar race, Daniels’ film has been garnering enthusiasm among the voters of the various awards. He has won six Golden Globes and almost every association award. (Four awards from the PGA, DGA, Screenwriters, Art Directors, Costume Designers, Actors’ Association…) Public, critics and professionals in the field. For decades one film has achieved the holy trinity. That a science fiction film with tough chants for traditional audiences has achieved this is a miracle and speaks only too well of its own values.

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of these events cannot be surprised by the film’s triumph. However, it has sparked a backlash the likes of which we haven’t seen in recent years. We’re as debatable as the film’s victory coda, green book one of two size of watersome famous wineries and in some cases highly unpredictable, with questionable production values, but it has been everything at once He who has hurt a piece of sensibilities (many of those who despise wounds in the sensibilities of others are said to be everything).

The outcome of the Oscars usually provokes two reactions: controversy or indifference. Seeking unanimity is absurd and unnecessary, the rewards are neither less nor more. But the reactions to these Oscars reflect much more than disagreement with the Academy. The first argument many people use to invalidate a film’s win or success (this goes for everything, but here we’re talking about the Oscars) is that they believe it is undeserved that it is directed, starred in, or engineered by a woman or one. non-white person., He is sure that the political correctness in which we live immersed is the only possible explanation when a film of those qualities gets recognition that would not have earned him an award or a celebration. As if his criteria must be universal or as if all decisions beyond his control are due to only one reason. This happened in 2017, when Moonlight won to La la Land (Though we were so surprised by the hassle of the envelopes that no one complained too much). Together parasite (First non-English language film to win Best Picture) It didn’t happen in 2020 probably because we were too busy with Covid and because being a Korean film it didn’t cause as much disapproval as others made in Hollywood ( non-white or non-male). ) but yes in 2021 with nomadic land, together in 2022 jane campion, Of course it didn’t happen to them in 2006 crash won the Oscar for Best Picture over Human Error which won Director, Screenplay and Soundtrack. And it will be interesting to see how they respond to other historical and manifest injustices at the Oscars, such as when Shakespeare in Love won to saving Private Ryan one of two king’s talk To Social Networks, Sure, the things that happen (because they don’t involve women, African-Americans, or Asians).

Together everything at onceAccording to him, this has happened once again. But has it happened? It is worth reviewing the recent history of the Oscars and diversity.

Since 2015, diversity has taken on an unusual importance at the Oscars. Especially since the day the Oscar nominations were announced that year. The nominees for the acting categories were all white, prompting attorney April Reigns to write this joke on twitter,#TheOscarsaresowhite that he has asked me if he can touch my hair”. According to an oral history of the hashtag published in The New York Times – that new York Times Publishing an oral history on the hashtag already indicates its relevance—just hours after publishing the tweet, Reign consulted his account again and #Oscarsowhite is already a global trend along with other jokes similar to his. had become. little by little the jokes gave way to assertions Some of the famous members of Hollywood such as -Half ousted today, we already know why – Smith and spike leeWhich soon became the banner of a movement that reflected the contradiction of social justice in the awards.

Shortly after, in the brutally honest polling of 2015, already published by the traditional article hollywood reporter One of the contestants was sentenced for intent to vote on the Oscars of several members of the Academy who kept their identities a secret SelmaAva DuVernay Movie:

“No one wants to say out loud Selma It is a well-made film, but it lacks any artistic value. If the film had been directed by a 60 year old white man, I don’t think it would have reached the level it has. And what about allegations of racism in the academy? Yes, Most of the Cast Are White People, But They Aren’t the Cast SalvationAnd. For starters, he has to go to the academy, he’s not a village redneck. When a movie about black people is good, the members vote on it. But if the movie isn’t good, do I have to vote just because African-Americans are in it? I have to tell you that to me the fact that their cast members wore t-shirts that said ‘I can’t breathe’ to the premiere is outrageous. Do you want to be known for making the best movies or promoting that shit? Yes, some members of the Academy may have a problem, especially those who believe that small-town hicks are necessarily more racist than they are.

The same happened in 2016, with acting nominations for Oscars won by white actors when performed by nominated non-white actors and with a certain track record at previous ceremonies. The Academy’s board decided to meet and ask the question: was there any kind of racial prejudice among its members? We cannot know. What is clear is that its composition does not represent the industry and the selection criteria for its members make it difficult to change. That’s why the Academy decided to promote A2020, a rule aimed at Managed to double the attendance of women and members of under-represented castes by 2020 in an academy that was in 2016 94% Caucasian & 77% Male & 86% 50+, Thus, in 2016 the Academy invited 683 people to be a part of it, of whom 46% were women and 41% were non-Caucasian people, increasing the percentage of women in the Academy to 27% and the percentage of non-white people to 27%. Permission granted. People, 8%.

In any case, it is worthwhile to remember that for the admission procedure in the Academy it is necessary Candidates entering are recommended by members and winners in previous editions can automatically become members if they so desire., Those recommending a member are urged to ensure that their candidates demonstrate exceptional achievements in the field of cinema. And each member can recommend only one candidate per year.

hang on: Does bringing in more women and more non-white people automatically mean they’ll vote for other types of movies? Isn’t the problem with the industry, which doesn’t give everyone equal access to film making and power in the industry, and because of this, fewer women and racial minorities attend the awards? It is equally valid to question this being fully aware that -with 2022 statistics – 33% women and 19% non-white men (remember there are voters around the world) can’t handle all INS and academia Or are they enough to reward a film just for it. Nor do they probably. And that the Oscar law changes a few years ago (and shocked everyone who didn’t read them) are ostentatious. And that academics vote anonymously. Everyone can do all the mental juggling they want: that a high percentage of white men have suffered brainwashing whereby they now vote only for women and racial minorities in the establishment? Obviously anything goes. Arguing in these contexts is a challenge, we are faced with people who, for example, She believes that the fact that the Oscars highlighted Michelle Yeoh as the second non-white actress to win a Best Actress Oscar in nearly 100 years means they essentially gave her the go-ahead for it. Is, people who They can’t tolerate success they don’t understand or disagree with, especially when it comes from someone who doesn’t look like them., For many it is easier to promote a fictional Chinese-feminist conspiracy than to face reality. But before the mental sprain, perhaps it is easier to draw Ockham’s razor and assume that the victory of a racial minority or a woman should not be tied to her race or her gender. At least not in this universe.

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