Belinda breaks it down on Instagram in Belly Button and boasts a flat stomach

belinda She’s undoubtedly one of those artists who has a curvaceous silhouette that stands out with each of her outfits, whether they’re glam on stage, too elegant for the red carpet, or casual, as in the one this Friday. confirmed with publication broke down on his official Instagram account, wearing a sporty outfit in which she combined a blouse type Belly Button showing off my pants flat stomach and small waist.

Interpreting themes such as “The Girl From School”, “Love At First Sight” and “Lose Sin Gravidad”, the celebrity is one of those celebrities who is always up to date with the latest trends in fashion and has been following the trends. likes to show off. At this time, that is why it is not uncommon for the green-eyed lady to make a fuss and impose with each glance that she allows us to see in her publications on the network, as it happened on occasion, thousands of “likes”. Received “in just one hour.

Belinda flaunts great body in sporty look

BaileyAs many of her fans and friends fondly call her, she took their breath away with her look but also sparked concern among her fans, who number around 16 million on the meta platform, by sharing the images with a message that read: He had left It shows that the month that started a few days ago has not treated him in the best way, for which he has received many comments full of love and support.

Belinda shows off her flat stomach and wins. Photo: IG @belindapop

“Hello March, you are just starting and you are already j%#^*”, was the phrase with which the beautiful interpreter and actress published two photos in which she is seen posing from a bathroom, showing off her incredible figure and for which she has received messages with phrases such as: “Beautiful people who only want to focus on the cost of your light”. , “Your confidants always with you”, “You’re winning as always, let the passionate people speak” and “I can’t with this kind of perfection”, among many others.

In the snapshot, the 33-year-old actress and singer can be seen dressed in a sports-style outfit in military green tones, pairing spring sport pants, which she wore at the hip, with a very long-sleeved blouse… small, so she revealed her small waist and flat stomach, causing an uproar among her fans, who did not stop admiring her beauty, adding 246 thousand “likes” and more than a thousand comments in just one hour managed.

The singer grabbed everyone’s attention with her beauty. Photo: IG @belindapop

The handsome protagonist of the Spanish Netflix series “Welcome to Eden” is one of the few celebrities who has a day in the media to celebrate his success. On 10 January each year, fans of the artist celebrate her career, and “World Belinda Day” does not stop being mentioned on social networks, reflecting the great support she has received from her loyal fans.

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