Belinda has an accident with her top during her show and is asked to adjust her wardrobe

belinda was presented at the Santa Rita Chihuahua Fair as part of their tour “Freedom: Dance It Tour 2023” And his fans had an explosion of emotion to see the artist shine on stage during his fourth tour to present his biggest hits. Belinda’s talent and freshness were present at all times, especially when the singer revealed to the public an infidelity.

In part of the show, Belinda stood up from her bench and spoke to her people: “They’re telling me around here [se señala el auricular que lleva en su oreja], adjust top adjust top, Right, right, second right”. The singer had just finished changing her wardrobe thanks to a notice she received from the control booth via her in-ear communication system. But with whom did Belinda, transparent, want to share the moment? his people.

Belinda performed at the Chihuahua Fair at the Teatro del Pueblo and played such well-known songs as Dying Slow, Boba Nina Nice, Ni Fried Ni Tu Mama and Angel.

Belinda adjusts her top and tells it off in the middle of the show

Belinda appeared at the Santa Rita Chihuahua Fair as part of her tour: “Libertad: Belinda Tour 2023”.

Belinda defends a fan

At another point in the show, Belinda defended a fan who was overpowered by security personnel when he tried to approach her during the show. The ‘Dopamine’ interpreter stopped the show and tried to calm things down. Fans celebrated his style.

For months rumors began to circulate that love was back in Belinda’s life; However, the magazine Who stopped whispering and confirmed that Sapito’s interpreter is happy with her new partner, Gonzalo Hevia Baleares.

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Daniela Machoro

Although it is not known how long Belinda and Gonzalo Hevia have been together, the above source has assured that they are together.


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