Belkath wins in EDC, but not on social networks

As part of the EDC activities, this afternoon the urban rhythms of Bellacath took over the MixX Stage, one of the nine stages of the most important electronic music festival in Mexico.

The singer went up top as part of DJ Fox’s set, which was announced to kick off at 4:30 p.m. Before long, people started gathering around the stage, as the reggaeton singer had already made her appearance with much fanfare.

In front of thousands of people and minutes before the end of Fox’s musical block, it should be noted that Bellacath’s sister, “kitten”, has become a successful topic thanks to the video platform of TIC Toc.

Catherine, the celebrity’s real name, appeared on one side of the venue wearing a black dress that highlighted her curves and immediately everyone in attendance raised their cell phones while chanting the catchy song.

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“A kitten who likes mambo” was heard at this party which was filled with youths of various ages, even children who were carried on their father’s shoulders and who Did not want to miss the singer of the time.

But that moment didn’t last long, once “Gaita” ended, Belakath said goodbye and left the stage, something that didn’t go down well with many who expected a little more from the artist.

Although the young woman managed to conquer the EDC, the criticisms did not keep her presentation on social networks, and that many users not only disapproved that she appeared in a festival that has nothing to do with her music No, he questioned the electronic movement and even the event itself: “Serious question, what’s happening to the electronic movement? Now it’s coming to any stage”, “What brought down the EDC” , “Was this EDC or Flow Fest”?, “When it started singing they all ran to the neon garden”, “Playback almost not seen”, “Disgusting”, are just some of the comments that could be read .

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