Bella Ramsey not winning an Emmy for her ‘The Last of Us’ performance could lead to riots in the streets

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers for HBO last of usEpisode 8: “When We’re in Need.”

The Emmys aren’t for another six months, but last of us fans are promoting Bella Ramsey to sweep the awards — or at the very least to be nominated, and they’re already sharpening their pitchforks in preparation for the chaos that will ensue if she doesn’t win.

Although the announcement of the portrayal of the star TLOUWhile the protagonist Ellie Williams initially didn’t sit well with gamers, it seems longtime followers and newcomers alike are warming up to the idea, especially after two knock-outs by Ramsey in the last few episodes. After giving performances, namely “Left Behind” and most recently “When We’re in Need”.

Ramsey fires on all cylinders in both, so it’s not hard to see why her fans are rallying in support of her expected Emmy sweep. It’s not just him. Ramsey’s co-star Pedro Pascal, who portrays tough smuggler Joel, also has his sights on some Emmy clocks, and fans are backing him as the odds-on favorite as well.

We don’t want to find out what will happen if Ramsey doesn’t get the recognition she’s worked so hard for at the 2023 Emmy Awards, but it certainly sounds like — from what we’ve seen on social media — that there’s a frustration on her part. For taking home at least one, if not more, Emmys.

Fans are pointing out her exact nomination for her scene with Scott Shepherd’s David, in which Ellie — after days of agony and grooming — finally snaps and overpowers David, inflicting him with several brutal stab wounds. He hugs his chest. Meanwhile, Ramsey unleashes a spine-chilling lament that mixes sheer terror with primal anger. It’s a thing of beauty, even as it portrays the innocent and innocent 19-year-old in a cruel light. If that’s not talent, nothing is. Watch out, Emmy. A new contender arrives.

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