Bhediya First Day Box Office Collection (Day 1): Varun Dhawan-Kriti Sanon’s Starrer, Hit or Flop

Bhediya First Day Box Office Collection: Hello, moviegoers! As of yesterday, the highly anticipated Bollywood film Bhediya was released in theaters. The movie was slated to premiere in theaters on November 25, 2022. Since its social media trailer debuted, the movie has been in discussion. It had a positive reception from the crowd and created enough hype before its release, both of which will be advantageous for the film in the long run. On its first day, the movie did rather well at the box office against stiff competition from Drishyam 2, which was already in theaters. Find out more about Bhediya’s first-day box office performance.

Bhediya First Day Box Office Collection (Day 1) Varun Dhawan-Kriti Sanon’s Starrer, Hit or Flop
Bhediya First Day Box Office Collection (Day 1) Varun Dhawan-Kriti Sanon’s Starrer, Hit or Flop

Storyline of Bhediya First Day Box Office Collection

Bhaskar and his cousin brother Janardhan aka Jaana visit a small village in Arunachal Pradesh as part of a development project to construct roads. One night, Bhaskar is chased and bitten by a wolf in the forest. Soon, two men who were a part of the project are found dead. The scratch and bite marks on their body suggest that they might have been killed by an animal. Panda says that a shape-shifting werewolf is behind the killings.

Bhediya First Day Box Office Collection (Day 1) India and Overseas

According to the most recent box office reports of media companies, Varun Dhawan, the movie’s lead actor, is receiving accolades for his outstanding performance. The film’s original storyline, performances, and humor won accolades from the critics. Even after integrating all the humorous components, it is having problems competing with Drishyam 2, which stars Ajay Devgan. The movie, which debuted a week ago on November 18th 2022, had one of the best opening weekends of the current year. Recently, it started its second week and brought in more money than Bhediya. Drishyam 2 brought in 8 crores on its second Friday, while Bhediya debuted to only 7 crores at the box office.

According to rumors, Bhediya needs to improve in the following days if it wants to make a sizable first-weekend haul. Even yet, it would be difficult for the movie to compete with Drishyam 2. The movie was additionally released in Tamil and Telugu in addition to Hindi. The outcomes of both variants are currently being examined. The picture does far better in the Delhi and UP circuits, although there is stiff competition in certain significant circuits in Mumbai and Gujarat.

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The slow start of the movie is thought to be primarily due to the difficult competition from Drishyam. It must overcome its obstacles and secure a prominent position at the box office. In addition, the movie is the third in Vijan’s horror-comedy series. The film’s producers, Bhediya, had previously released the hits Stree and Roohi.

Famous Film Critic KRK also report the first day box office collection of Bhediya as below:

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